Why It’s Worth Investing In Your Hair Serums

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As much as our skin, we should give ultimate care to our hair too. Investing and proper maintenance of hair will help in the overall hygiene of our face and body. Shampooing was initially a major cleanse that we give to our hair to make it clean and healthy. As the next step, the new trend conditioner is used which is used in smoothing and making the texture of hair to be better. Once both steps are done, the next step is applying serums to the hair.

Serum – In Short Definition:

It is a blend of natural lightweight oils that will help maintain the frizz while controlling the overall texture of the hair. They add shine to the hair and help in protecting the air from environmental problems like pollution and dust. A very simple procedure is followed to apply the serum to your hair. You can buy hair serum online, based on the type of hair.

Most of the serums are silicone-based products which help in maintaining the ph of the hair strands. Since the PH is low and moderate, your hair will be manageable and also provides the needed protection.

Benefits of Hair Serum:

  1. Manages Frizzy and uncontrollable hair.
  2. Adds shine to the hair strands.
  3. Low PH – Perfect for maintaining the hair without any external damage.
  4. Adds moisture to dry and split hair at the end of the strand
  5. Can be used for styling your hair without damaging the strands.
  6. If your hair gets tangled easily, using hair serums will make them easily intangible without shedding the hair.
  7. Helps in making the hair strands healthy.

Usage of Hair Serums:

Now, even though most of us know about this concept of hair serum, we don’t do it properly to get the maximum benefits out of them.

  1. Once you dry your hair and it’s like almost dry about 50 – 70%, take 3 to 5 drops of serum in your palms.
  2. Gently rub them and detangle them all over your hair from the neck to the ends.

This simple 2 step routine will help in managing and maintaining the hair in a better way.

Ways to Choose the Right Hair Serum based on your Hair type:

  1. Dry Hair – When you are having dry hair, a serum will play a major role in maintaining the overall hair texture and hair. You can choose cream-based products, which will help in moisturising and at the same time add hydration. You can go with lightweight oils, or else they will weigh down your hair.
  2. Oily Hair – You can go with water-based or get-based serums because only then your hair strand will not be oiler. Take two to three pumps, spread them all over your hands and apply them to the length of your hair.

Tip – Only apply your serum on length, and not on the scalp.

1. Hair with Split-End:

Split ends are only due to the excessive dryness that is happening in the hair and even in the body. Everything that is showing in the face and hair, is what is happening inside our body. Choosing keratin based hair serum will help in managing the split ends and at the same time, makes them quite manageable.

2. Coloured Hair:

If you are having coloured hair, using single organic or natural oil works best. This is because they will help in maintaining the colour and at the same time do not cause any external damage. Oil like Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Extra virgin Coconut Oil, etc., would work.

So, make sure to invest in the right hair serum based on your hair type, to get the best results and maximum benefits out of them.

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