WhoseNumber Review: Leading Service to Help You Find Out Who Called Me

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup

It is surprising how simply not knowing who called me from this number that is unknown can sometimes get on your nerves. This article will get you on the right track if you want to find out who called.


A significant number of reverse call services are provided by various sites on the internet. WhoseNumber is a leading reverse phone lookup site that offers enhanced services to help you find out the identity of an unknown caller. Given factors such as safety concerns, it is important to always be aware of who might be calling or who might have tried to call at any given time. 

This article will review WhoseNumber to find out what it has to offer. It unravels how you can use this service to answer the question, “who is calling me from this number that is unknown?” 

Features and Services of WhoseNumber

Reverse Phone Lookup

The reverse phone lookup function is a key tool of the WhoseNumber service to help you identify who called you. It is an option that lets you key in an unknown number to find out details about the owner of the phone number. Users can use this feature to identify callers and decide on how to handle the call.  

People Search

Another important feature of the WhoseNumber site is that it allows users to enter the name of a person they want to find out more details about. 

Address Lookup

Lastly, this feature on WhoseNumber allows users to obtain the addresses of people they might be looking to locate. By providing details like names and phone numbers, addresses can be obtained to help find the locations of different people.

What Makes WhoseNumber The Leading Reverse Phone Lookup?

In-depth Background Report

The buck does not stop by simply getting the name of the caller. WhoseNumber can go a step further by providing additional information, including a home address, criminal record, businesses involved, and any links they might have. Just lookup phone number with WhoseNumber to get all the information.

Huge and Reliable Database

With an aim of providing accurate information, this site derives its data from virtually all public records including different government agencies. The reliability of the information is also ensured by regularly updating the database.

Newbie-friendly Interface

Performing a reverse phone lookup can sound like a highly technical task. This site has engineered its interface to accommodate all users without having complex technical skills. You would need to simply key in the unknown caller’s number and search to discover who called.

User Experience

Surprisingly easy to use

I was having a hard time finding the address of a friend I was trying to locate. It turned out I only needed their phone number, which was all I had, for WhoseNumber to provide an address. It only took a few minutes, and I could do it myself without professional assistance.So WhoseNumber is a worthwile  phone number lookup leading service to find out who called me.

Get more than a name.

After receiving a couple of strange phone calls and some harassing text messages, I decided to find out who was calling me from this number. I discovered I could access more information about the caller, including their address and criminal records. This site really came in handy for me.

On point!

I was a bit skeptical before giving this site a try. Unfortunately, I had made a purchase online and was not satisfied with the delivered product. After getting a recommendation from a friend, I decided to use this site to try and identify the online seller from the number they had provided. Needless to say, it worked, and I got a full refund.

Free to use

It is amazing that I was able to find out who called me in a matter of minutes, and it was absolutely free. Kudos to this site for providing a reverse phone lookup service to the public are no extra cost.

Required information is not always provided

I was trying to get some information about an unfamiliar number that had just called my phone. I visited WhoseNumber and provided the number but could not retrieve any important information from the results displayed. I wonder why this might be.

Should you Trust WhoseNumber or Other Similar Services?

WhoseNumber vs. Intelius

Intelius is another reverse lookup service that allows its users to conduct a people’s search for identity purposes. While it might offer similar services to those of WhoseNumber, there are a few significant reasons why you should opt for WhoseNumber.

  1. WhoseNumber offers a much more user-friendly interface as compared to Intelius. It is much easier to perform a person’s lookup when none of the complex technical skills are required.
  2. To perform an effective search using WhoseNumber, not much is needed apart from minimal information, such as the unknown phone number in question. This is in contrast to Intelius, where users might require some added information to enable an effective search.  

WhoseNumber vs. TruthFinder

Just like WhoseNumber, TruthFinder is a site looking to provide relevant information requested by its users. There are, however, some preferential differences that may just give WhoseNumber the upper hand. 

  1. While there are similarities in the nature of both sites, WhoseNumber provides a wider range of information at a given time. This includes different records available to the public. TruthFinder, on the other hand, majorly focuses on address lookup, which may require the provision of additional information.
  2. Between the two sites, it is safe to say that WhosePhone is much simpler to use as compared to TruthFinder, given its straightforward and user-friendly interface.


It has been established that finding out who is calling me from this number is important to any phone user. Whether for safety reasons or simply being curious about a certain mystery number, knowing who called you can help you better handle any situation.

WhoseNumber is a leading service to help you find out who called you from a particular unknown phone number. Using tools such as reverse phone lookup and address lookup, this service can reliably provide multiple pieces of information to help you identify and learn who is calling you at any time.

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