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CitiZen Global

CitiZen Global offers an easy and convenient way to obtain the second passport you’ve been dreaming of without having to move to a different country in order to become an official citizen there. All you have to do is apply with them, pay the associated fees and wait for your new passport card or passport book (depending on the country) to arrive at your doorstep! Follow along as I show you how Global Citi-Zen works and how easy it can be to obtain your new second passport today!

The Official Process of Buying Citizenship

CitiZen Global is the world’s first citizenship and provides all the legal, advisory, accounting and government support needed to acquire second passports. The process starts with an application, followed by an in-person interview conducted at one of Citizen’s offices around the world. Next comes due diligence and documentation checks that are carried out by our legal team.

Is Buying A Second Passport Worth The Cost?

As the process of attaining citizenship in another country continues to become more and less expensive, the idea of purchasing citizenship becomes increasingly appealing. But is buying a second passport worth the cost? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are the Benefits Of A Second Passport?

A second passport can give you the freedom and flexibility to live, work and travel in more than one country. It’s also an excellent way of protecting your assets, should there be political turmoil or instability in your home country.

Who Should Buy A Second Passport?

If you are an American citizen and want to be able to travel without the hassle of visas or other restrictions, you should consider buying a second passport. Not only will this help your travels abroad, but it may also prove useful in the event of an emergency.

A second passport can be obtained through Citizen Global. It’s relatively easy and affordable, and only takes 8-12 weeks for your order to arrive.

Financial Incentives for Some Countries

The countries that offer the most financial incentives for getting a second passport are:

  1. Portugal, which offers €100,000 in Government grants and an additional €100,000 in tax breaks when you invest more than €1 million into their country
  2. Malta, which offers €20,000 in Government grants and an additional €80,000 in tax breaks when you invest over €350,00 into their country.

Fees Associated with Buying Citizenship

The fees associated with becoming an Australian citizen are about $4,000, which includes the application fee and the cost of lodging your application. This does not include costs for travel to Australia or translation services.

Other Considerations When Purchasing Citizenship in Another Country

Purchasing citizenship in another country is not just about buying the passport. It is also about investing in your future, opening up opportunities for yourself and your family, and gaining access to new markets. However, before you buy citizenship it is important that you consider the following:

  • The cost of citizenship. How much will this investment cost? What are the hidden fees? Is there an opportunity for return on my investment?
  • When will I be eligible to vote? Where you purchase citizenship in another country can affect whether or not you will have voting rights.
  • In addition, it is important that you know if and when your passport will be cancelled. Some countries require one year of residency before they allow dual citizenship. You can also visit CitiZen Globalto get all related information.
  • Other countries require five years of residency. Before you buy citizenship, make sure you have taken all factors into consideration so that you do not end up disappointed with the results.

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