Use Private Notes

Use Private Notes

With Private Notes, you can keep all inward correspondences connected with the Statement in one spot – in the Inquiry and Answers area, straightforwardly on the Statement.

You can add a Private Note as an update for yourself, or caution an individual Colleague about something significant. You can incorporate data about providers, significant dates, or some other notes and documents that are applicable to you and your group, but not really pertinent to your client.

Utilizing Private Notes

There are a couple of varieties for how Private Notes can be utilized. They can be added while reviewing (not altering) a Statement by means of the ‘Private Note’ button, situated down towards the lower part of your Statement view screen.

Add a Private Note to a Statement

  1. Hit ‘PrivateNote’.
  2. From under the ‘Ship off’ dropdown, select ‘Add as Private Note as itwere’.
  3. Enter the text (add pictures or records, whenever required) and hit ‘Add PrivateNote’.

Send a Private Note to another Colleague

  1. Hit ‘PrivateNote’.
  2. From under the ‘Ship off’ dropdown, select your Colleague’s name.
  3. Enterthe message (add pictures or records, whenever required) and hit ‘Send Private Note’. The Private Note will be joined by an Email Notice and a Dashboard Message to your Colleague.

Connect Records or Pictures to Private Notes

While adding a Private Note, you can move records/pictures from your PC straightforwardly onto the Private Note or you can hit ‘Add Picture or Document’, then peruse for your records/pictures.

Private Notes give a fast and simple space for you to privately record any reminders or updates, these notes can likewise be shared in the event that consents are relegated to do as such. To

amplify data sharing inside your business, anybody can get notes. The accompanying article will clear up how to make private note, how to share them, and the connected consents.

To Make a Private Note

  1. Clickon the Pencil symbol at the upper right of your page to make a Private Note from any place on the stage.
  2. Click Make note.
  3. Add a Rundown and Portrayal, all changes are saved as you type.
  4. If significant, add who the note is Connected To Share a Note
  5. In the note, click on the Common with a segment on the right
  6. Begincomposing the name of who you wish to impart the  Notes can be imparted to numerous individuals all at once.
  7. Whenever you have chosen all names, click Private Notes Consents

To empower your workers to share notes relegate the accompanying consent: notes. Share Without this consent, workers will actually want to see privenote that have been imparted to them or made by them, yet they can not share the note.