Top Four Shows to Watch Free On Your Free Peacock Premium with Xfinity Flex

Peacock Premium with Xfinity Flex

We all know how important it is to have access and choice when we’re trying to find something that suits our needs. With Xfinity Internet, you can get your favorite streaming services without having any monthly fees! And with a variety of free content from Peacock Premium included in this Xfinity TV package– not only will they provide an extensive library for those who love watching TV shows but there are also movies available on-demand as well so movie lovers like me don’t need to pay anything extra either because my account comes straight away after signing up through them which makes life easier than ever before since most other providers require subscriptions or deposits before giving users full functionality; however now I’ve got everything.

How Do I Get Free Peacock Premium?

Well, if you have any of the Xfinity internet packages or TV service plans then it is possible for free access to Peacock Premium. If your account does not already include this premium channel with extra features like 24/7 sports channels and more; all customers need are basic services in order gain access! The best part about having these options? You can stream tons5of excellent shows from around genres such as dramas (Boardwalk Empire), mysteries(Law & Order) reality competition series’ndmi humor programs—all without commercials!!

This Is Us

This Is Us is a heart-wrenching, emotional rollercoaster ride that will have you hooked from the very first episode. The show follows six people as they grow up together and then apart throughout decades of their lives; it’s beautifully done with both beautiful moments (like when someone gets married) but also awful ones such like child abuse or death scenes playing out over again in your head long after watching them happen for real this time around!

One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying takes a page from mysteries like Pretty Little Liars and Nancy Drew, where there are four main suspects in the murder case. They’ve all been top candidates for years because they were together during detention with their suspect–but when he dies due to an allergic reaction caused by one of them opening up his lunchbox without realizing what was inside it…well now everyone believes that maybe these kids weren’t just responsible after all! The pressure’s on: if you don’t solve this crime then things will only get worse until someone does relieve themselves off onto society again (I mean come on?!)

Downtown Abbey

Downton Abbey is a show that will make you feel all the feels. It’s got good acting and an interesting story line with plenty of scandals to keep viewers guessing what might happen next!

Atypically, there are two classes living in this house: those upstairs (the family) who enjoy their lives while downstairs we see how life was for staff during these times through various characters’ perspectives – both entertaining tales but also sad reminders of just why they do whatever jobs exist outside upper class preference nowadays…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg stars in the Fox sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as an annoying but endearing New York City Detective, who’s always getting into some sort of trouble at work. The show combines witty humor with compassion for others while still maintaining its procedural nature throughout each episode–making it perfect if you’re looking something that has both heartwarming stories about everyday people Cozy mysteries than will keep your interest from beginning until end!

Final Words

Better yet, why not use your free Xfinity Flex and Peacock Premium to stream all of those TV shows? There are only a few really worth binge-watching. But we’ll help you find them!

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