Top Factors to Consider When Upgrading An Apartment Video Intercom System

video intercom for multi-tenant buildings

The continuous rise in the cost of housing has driven a lot of people to resort to other residential alternatives, such as apartments. As a result, the apartment industry has grown quite a lot over the recent years. Today, a lot of apartments install and include amenities and features that add comfort, convenience, and utility to the building for the benefit of both the management as well as the tenants. One of the many ways that apartment owners and operators achieve this is through video intercom for multi-tenant buildings. Intercom systems, especially those modern ones with added video functionality, is understood to be a major investment on the part of the owners and operators. As such, the decision to invest a1in these systems should be done in a smart and informed manner. In this article, we are going to talk about the factors that you need to consider if you are planning on upgrading to a video intercom system for your apartment.

Technical Specifications

The first and perhaps the most important factor to consider when it comes to apartment intercoms is its specifications. This includes things such as wired vs wireless and one-way vs two-way systems. This is very important because it can often provide you with an idea of the advantage and value that you will be gaining from your investment. Here are some other specific things to consider regarding this concern: door release, integration, and hardware.

Recording Function

Video intercom systems would be pretty much useless if it does not include a recording function. Obviously, for such a system to be effective, it needs to be able to record things as they are being projected on the screen. This is very essential in keeping the safety and security of all the people within the area. Recording functions also vary in terms of modes, quality, and type. Some intercom systems record video all the time. This equates to tons and tons of data being logged into your storage drives. Other systems employ a smarter approach when it comes to recording. Essentially, more advanced systems keep the recordings for only a couple of days and then those recordings exceeding the limit will be automatically deleted or uploaded to the cloud, depending on how it is set up. Also, the quality of the recording can vary depending on the platform you choose. Some systems allow for higher frame rate and higher resolution recording, which can make monitoring a lot more effective.

Two-Way Communication

One of the main reasons why you would want to invest in a video apartment intercom is to have more immersive and effective communication. This is because the message gets across a lot better and a lot clearer if both parties can see each other even just through digital means. Without this feature, your intercom system will pretty much act like a monitor playing a pre-recorded video. Thus, it is also critical that the system that you’ll be installing will have two-way communication functions. In line with this, it is important that you choose a multi-tenant intercom. In such a setup, both the tenants and the staff can engage and start the call without having to wait on each other. This makes communication a lot more direct and it also provides an avenue for better customer service and customer experience.

Data Management and Data Security

One of the most often overlooked factors when upgrading to a video intercom system is how data is managed, stored, and kept safe. A good intercom system should be easily integrated and highly compatible with standard data management software and applications. If not, the system itself should provide a platform for data management. In addition to this, the system should also include some sort of firewall or data security measures. This is so that all of the recordings, both audio and video, remain strictly confidential and accessible only to the intended users, such as the management. 

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