Top 7 Reasons Why Boruto Manga Is A Must-Read!

Boruto Manga

As you might infer from the title, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the series centers on the exploits of Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s child. If you already believe that no shinobi will ever be as powerful as Naruto was, you should reconsider since Boruto is already developing his Otsutsuki abilities. Boruto manga is available on websites such as Mangaowl and Mangakakalot.

Due to multiple gaps in Boruto, the anime adaptation has received much negative feedback. The manga of the second series moves forward at a breakneck speed that leaves you on the edge of your chair. But let’s not disregard anime. Despite its sluggish pacing and SoL parts, it has its instances that make the episode more pleasant. This article will outline the justifications for why reading Boruto is worthwhile.

1.     Excellent Old-Generation Family Interactions.

Many of us grew up seeing these heroes’ depressing lives as orphaned children. So it leaves us feeling all fuzzy inside seeing these heroes being so pleasant with their newfound families, such moments as when Sasuke asked Kakashi for guidance regarding how to raise Sarada effectively. Or Naruto spends the entire day with Himawari while holding her on his back. Since Sarada is just as persistent as Sakura, their relationship is similar to that of Sakura and her mom. Shikadai has a harsh and abusive mother named Temari. Boruto is seen by Hinata playing video games while dozing off and skipping class. You’ll undoubtedly recall your youth during such times. Several such instances offer this Shounen manga a twist of the Slice Of Life feels.

2.    Power Deterioration Of Naruto and Sasuke

It is Boruto’s narrative, not his dad’s, he says in the first chapter of the manga. And that is how the plot has developed to the present moment. Fans began to fear that Naruto might pass away, especially following Kawaki’s first joke. Fans, however, began to wonder if Boruto is great fun due to this. Signals regarding the passing of Sasuke were raised repeatedly as the plot developed. But he wasn’t the only one who had to confront bad outcomes. Much suffering also befell Naruto.

3.   The Journey Of Kawaki Towards Being A Hero

Despite having very different personalities, Kawaki and Naruto have a similar life narratives. Both of them are orphans who possess extraordinary abilities. They have gained the wrath of their neighbors as a result. As a result, Naruto adopted Kawaki and rose to the position of Iruka of Kawaki. Kawaki cared so much for Naruto because of his kindness and affection that he was willing to risk his life. Kawaki attempt to stop a wicked Boruto who remains trapped in history. The entire world, however, has embraced technology, especially Amado’s arsenal of cutting-edge weapons. Manga has been teasing Kawaki’s emergence as a protagonist and Boruto’s demise in countless ways.

4.   A Deeper Understanding Of Otsutsuki History

Various rumors concerning the beginnings of Otsutsuki and Kaguya as a whole have been going around before Kimimaro revealed he was an Otsutsuki clan member. In Boruto, when they are getting closer to understanding the roots of the Otsutsuki clan member. Addressing queries such as, Why did Kaguya assemble an army of Zetsu while having so great power? Why did she travel to this planet? Why did she come here? When she was discovered in the wild, why was she hurt?

By showcasing the Otsutsuki God, whose ability is achievable by humans with Karma, they also established a new potential creep. R So revealing the potential strength of Boruto or the magnitude of the dangers. In the same way that Dragon Ball did, and now glance at the peaks DBZ has attained, it may also provide us with perspective into other modern power kinds or entities in the Naruto realm.

5.   Upcoming Arcs To Feature The Comeback Of Kakashi

Heroes like Kakashi, Tsunade, and Guy have not appeared in the Boruto series. Such legendary figures, capable of wiping out forces, have just been shelved? Even Kakashi’s personality arcs might not finish with this. We all know that Kakashi coached both Sasuke and Naruto. He is well knowledgeable about the Sharingan and Naruto’s wind techniques. He uses many of the chakras of nature, including lightning, earth, and wind. Boruto owns two of them, while Sarada possesses a Sharingan of the lightning chakra. Kakashi may return to the new gen in his instructor position.

6.   Emergence Of Boruto On Becoming The Antagonist

It’s the tale of Boruto, as stated in the first episode. Until this point, the narrative has been outlining how his journey began when he was a little child with blue eyes full of promise. However, as foretold by Momoshiki, the main hero’s future would take a downward turn. The whole fanbase has cause to trust his predictions, particularly after the struggle with Isshiki. We predict that, like his sensei Sasuke, Boruto could choose a terrible route.

7.    Secrecy Surrounding Amado

In the manga, Amado’s male form is incredibly intriguing. It is because of his extraordinarily high intelligence. He is to blame for Kawaki’s physique constructed of advanced ninja techniques. However, he is the cause of Kawaki’s delayed transformation into Isshiki. To halt Boruto’s Otsutsukification, he also gave him tablets. Also, the unsolved events surrounding his child’s death 12 years back. Amado also acknowledged ahead of Sumire that he had a secret agenda after fleeing to Konoha. In Konoha, he is constructing something else, most likely another Cyborg. Will it be a rival or ally? Time will tell.


These are a few causes to read Boruto manga. Along with this, there is a multitude of other reasons to enjoy it. Although it will be difficult for us to see Boruto and his companions overshadow the iconic figure we grew up loving, I suppose that’s what growing older implies. What’s left for us is to support Naruto’s sequel dedicated to fans. Mangaowl is a prominent manga site where you can read millions of manga books without fees. Keep updated with the latest Boruto chapter with Mangaowl!

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