Top 5 Countries to Study Mechanical Engineering

Study Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular branches of the engineering field, where candidates primarily explore the way of designing, constructing, as well as learning other related works in regard to machines. Candidates who are technologically very advanced, and have been interested in solving various types of machines, with some simple hacks, generally opt for mechanical engineering passionately.

Some of the mechanical engineering courses can be accessed from websites that create online courses. Though it is generally recommended to pursue this degree with an honors mark, in the offline mode, as it triggers a better understanding of the subject and you can also experience the practicals more effectively.

Well, an engineering degree, especially in the mechanical field can bring you endless career benefits. Remember that, in today’s fast-moving digital world, everything is mostly dependent upon technology and machines. And if a machine is there, it can certainly malfunction, for which it should be fixed. Hence the demand for mechanical engineering never decreases.

However, to be a good mechanical engineer, you should also get a good degree from a renowned educational institute. And when the matter is about pursuing top-quality education, the abroad colleges are a bit ahead in this case. To help you decide which country to avail of, here we’ve given the top 5 list of countries to study mechanical engineering.


Germany’s name is always announced when the matter is about pursuing an education in engineering. And in the case of mechanical engineering, is also not an exception, rather it acquires the top place. And why not, it is home to two of the biggest car brands all over the globe, namely BMW and Volkswagen.

And addition to that, the degree of mechanical engineering in Germany is the second highest ranked degree all over the nation. Due to the quality production of machinery in this place, Germany also has a high demand for mechanical engineers. Some of the top colleges for learning this subject in this country are the Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, etc.

United States of America

The name of the United States of America always comes on any list, when the matter is regarding students desiring to pursue their education and experience world-class learning. The USA consists of some of the greatest mechanical engineering programs, with 29 out of 100 present in its colleges and universities.

Apart from education, you’ll also be able to secure research opportunities in this country, and acquiring an engineering degree from this nation, will strengthen your CV to a great extent, keeping you a bit ahead of others in this competitive job market. Some of the top colleges to study mechanical engineering in the USA are MIT, Northwestern University, Purdue University, etc.


Though some people might be surprised by seeing Spain’s name on this list, it also comes among the best ones, when the regard is one administering world-class mechanical engineering learning. Even people who take their engineering degrees online website, teaching faculties of Spain are also present in many of them, which experts suggest as the best platform to sell online courses. Studying in Spain is also affordable for the country welcomes thousands of international students every year. Some of the top colleges for learning mechanical engineering in Spain are the University of Nebrija, Polytechnic University of Madrid, etc.


England is also one of the best in this business, and its characteristics are similar to that of the USA. Out of 100 top mechanical engineering programs in the world, 28 of them can be accessed in the colleges and universities of this country. In addition to that, a mechanical engineering degree from England will make you eligible for countless job opportunities. Some of the top colleges for learning this subject in this country are Oxford University, Cambridge University, etc.


Finland has been always known for its incredible education system as well as cutting-edge innovation. Many people suggest that, if you’re looking for an extraordinary learning experience in mechanical engineering and to explore an interesting culture, then choosing Finland will be the best. Besides, this country has been more special in this field as it has its specializations in robotics, car design, industrial machinery, and many more. Some of the top colleges for studying mechanical engineering in Finland are the University of Helsinki, LAB University of Applied Sciences, etc.

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