Tips and tricks before you start automating Oracle EBS tests

Oracle EBS

Test efforts are reduced by 60% because of Opkey’s automated test designs, workflow management, and process orchestration. Potentials include customer-proven accelerated test automation in areas like automatic orchestration of business processes, auto-capture of test results, test script auto-creation, and tailored functional testing. Opkey will keep on modernising and innovating in this fast-paced era as the market keeps changing. To deal with this new era of advanced automation here are some tips for Oracle EBS test automation to guide you on the right growth path.

  • Strategize a test plan

There should be a blueprint of how the EBS automation takes place. First and foremost, they frequently just go in and conduct extensive testing. They must first choose and determine the testing criteria. They should have a clear understanding of what to test and what not to test in order to avoid relying on ad hoc testing. A certain firm will benefit greatly from this strategy in terms of time and resources.

  • Start small and build out

There is one component when they begin to assemble jigsaw puzzles, and after adding these little pieces, create images. Similar to this, they concentrate on AT’s most repeated activities rather than engaging in recurring structural assessments.

  • Easy maintainability

As we can see, the Opkey EBS test has remarkable adaptability. Opkey is compatible with every gadget. It is also simple to keep up. A complete test case splits into numerous modules initially. Then, each module is reused in accordance with its supply and need. Opkey advises switching to a dynamic approach and modularizing concepts instead of writing monolithic test scripts.

  • Client needs

The client’s requirements need to be very explicit before they even begin the testing process. Which industry are they trying to automate, and what is the capability of their systems?

  • Authentication issue

Although Oracle EBS transactions are flexible and reliable, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the authentication procedure. A transparent database will help to eliminate duplication and redundant data. Data security is, in fact, a tech company’s most crucial component.


The majority of commercial firms don’t automate user acceptance testing since it relies heavily on UI features that are visually appealing. With its possible automated testing capabilities, Opkey overcomes this issue. In the upcoming years, the scope, scale, and economic impact of Opkey’s Oracle EBS acceleration will usher in the need for artificial intelligence, immediate connection, consumer gadgetry, and endless possibilities, shaking the business world in unimaginable ways. As a result of the digital revolution, which over the last several years has increased the usage of social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing, the idea has become more evident.

Customers of Oracle EBS from across the world are looking for efficient testing methods to streamline and automate the procedure while assuring maximum coverage. As efficiency and return on investment are assessed, it is now more vital than ever to adapt testing automation systems. By identifying weaknesses, Opkey Oracle EBS test automation techniques aim to expedite platform testing.

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