Things Affecting Studies & Generating Interest of Students in Studies

Students in Studies

There are several factors which affect the studies of children. It is seen that kids usually have a lot of curiosity about the learning process and they keep on searching and learning but they ignore few things which they should not which affect their studies.

  • It is found in studies that kids learn better in quiet places or very silent study spaces. Silence helps them concentrate on their topics such as the library.
  • Just like the factor of background sound, room temperature also plays a major role in the learning For example, if a student is willing to study then it is necessary that room temperature should not be lowered too much and not be exciting beyond the limit.
  • So, this should be kept in mind that students should sit in a comfortable chair and study at a table having a good height up to the chest of the student. Those students who sit in the wrong chair and table or those who don’t study on a particular chair and table suffer continuous back pain and headache which affects their studies and learning. Sitting in the wrong position puts excessive pressure on the eyes also which makes the eyesight weak.
  • In the same way when students keep on studying beyond the limit and don’t take rest then it becomes harmful for them and the one who studies like this, goes through a severe mental breakdown. Hence, it is said that students should take proper rest and small intervals for long-term studies. This refreshes the mind and recharges the psychological status for learning further. School management ERP these days provides proper rest to the
  • Seeing the scenarios stated in above paragraph we can understand that students have to do these days a lot of activities which makes unnecessary pressure on the students and make them un interested in their studies and this becomes a matter of tension for the parents. Apart from this parents, tutors and peer groups keep so much expectations from kids that as students they feel pressure of having responsibilities of the whole world on their shoulders. This also makes them lose their interest level in their studies. So, let’s have some ideas how parents can bring back the interest level of the students in their studies:
  • Students or kids always imitate their elders, especially their parents, so to encourage the students to take interest in their studies is to side with them and don’t let them struggle with their problems in studies, alone. Parents don’t have to do anything, they just have to be beside their kids and they can do anything of their work like reading a report.
  • As per ERP software for school never compare your child with another topper child in the class, every student or kid is owner of a different character and personality and comparing the child with other child makes your child hate himself/herself and this results in situation where student or kid starts hating studying finding it responsible of getting insulted by you and humiliated too. Kids aren’t able to make you understand but they often get offended by such comparisons and as a result they lose their interest in learning and studying. So always appreciate the efforts of the students.
  • ERP software for school suggests that parents need to be a friend for their child at every stage of age and should always sit with their kids and ask and discuss about their learning and studies. Parents should also discuss and ask their children about those subjects which they feel are weak in a try to provide them solutions for such issues. When kids always have proper guidance from them, they can never lose their interest in studies.
  • As a school management ERP helps the school management to improve their day-to-today administrative procedures, in the same way as a parent you need to help your child make a study schedule which should contain a time table having a particular time fixed for each and every subject to study and not more than that. In that study schedule, make your child include a particular time for homework where they make sure that homework should be finished by the child so that he or she can get ample amount of time to relax and play too and the child should not feel studying as a burden.
  • Use your intelligence and make such a learning environment which can lure the student again and again to study. Keep some beautiful flower plants around the study station and make it a little comfortable, not more so that the child should not feel sleepy, stick some colourful motivational quotes which fill some enthusiasm when the child gets bored. Remove distractions like TV, music system, loud noises or anyone who chatters a lot. Such arrangement motivates the students to study with full heart.

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