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In light of the preceding, the best possible hand you can make in Razz is a wheel consisting of the cards 5-4-3-2-A. Even though it is also straight,메이저사이트 straights and flushes do not matter in Razz because they are not relevant hands.

When two players have the same highest low card, the next card in descending order is looked at to determine which player has the better hand. This is the same procedure followed in any variation of the lowball game.


When playing Razz, it is unusual for players to 메이저사이트bring hands that comprise pairs to the table. There are instances when the run out of the draw does not go as you had intended, and you end up with a very poor hand. Even if two or more players show down hands in pairs, one person will still have a lower hand than the rest.

In this particular scenario, both players have revealed a pair of Jacks in their hands. The cards enclosed in parenthesis denote the two cards (out of seven) that the players do not want to use for their hands. Player A holds the stronger Razz hand in this particular situation.


They both have a pair of Jacks, and then we move on to their following card, a 9, which they both have in common. As was discussed earlier, we will continue to move down the hand until we notice a difference. The following card dealt to Player A is a 6, and Player B’s card is a 7. This indicates that Player A has a stronger hand than Player B since the value of the 6 in Razz is higher than that of the 7.


If you are familiar with the game 7 Card Stud 8 or Better, you should consider the strength of Razz’s hands in the same way that you would consider the strength of the soft hands on the 8 or Better side of the game. The only exception to this rule is that there is no minimum qualifying hand value for a soft hand.

By this point, you are expected to have a solid comprehension of the rule set necessary to play Razz. Let’s quickly review some of the key points that were discussed:

  • Each player is dealt seven cards, with three placed face down and four displayed face up.
  • The betting is done within predetermined boundaries.
  • After the cards have been dealt, the action will begin with the highest card displayed face up.
  • On each subsequent street, betting begins with the hand with the best available card.

Position can shift from one street to the next, depending on which player shows the strongest hand.

If two players have the same top card, the suit can mitigate the strength of the bring-in. Suits can be a factor in mitigating the strength of the bring-in.

If you are used to playing Texas Hold ’em, you will find that the rules of Razz are very different from those of that game.

However, at this point, you should have a solid understanding of how the game of Razz is structured and the rule set you are required to follow to successfully play the game. Now all that’s left to do is take a seat and post your initial bet before the game can begin.

However, if you want to expand your understanding of Razz a bit further before pulling up your seat, we suggest checking out our Guide to Razz Poker section. This section covers some of the basic strategic moves and clues you on which websites offer the greatest Razz games.

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