Online Ticket Booking Software – Benefits for Travel Agents

Online Ticket Booking Software

As per the survey, 95% of people use smartphones on a daily basis. They use smartphones for different professional and personal usage. This is the reason more and more businesspersons opt for custom mobile application development to take their business to newer heights.

One such business which can leverage growth using the custom mobile application is the online ticket booking. The majority of people plan their holidays in their leisure time. They used to browse information on their smartphones and mobile devices for their future traveling, which can be a business trip, holiday tour, small vacation, or usual visit. To convert these thousands of mobile users into your leads, get a custom mobile application for your ticket booking business. To assure the maximum Return on Investment, hire a ticket booking software or outsource the mobile application development service to a professional mobile development company. Such professionals use their experience to develop the best application. Custom ticket booking software can grab tons of benefits with its custom features.

Allow Ticket Booking for Bus, Train, Flight

Based on your business model, you can integrate the bus or train, or flight booking in your application. If you have a large business model, you can include all three in your app. The mobile app developers integrate the API, which will automatically fetch the data of flights, buses, and trains. This will ensure that the whole process is automated and you don’t need to manually add the data.

Allow your customers to compare different options

Your application will have all possible routes and options with all available details such as fare, traveling time, pickup and drop points, and much more. This will allow your customers to check different options and compare them with each other. This will ensure that your clients get the best deal and your business gets a lead conversion.

Secure and Multiple Payment Options

The mobile application will have an inbuilt payment method so your customers can get the confirmed ticket by paying through your application. You can integrate different payment methods like net banking, credit card, debit card, wallet, eCash, etc. Here, you can consider another business model by having a partnership with banks, wallets,s and other payment gateways. This will allow you to create another revenue channel. You can also offer discounts, so you can convert more leads. Mobile applications also have different security features to make sure that the payment is safe and secure. You can add extra security checkpoints such as OTP confirmation to provide enhanced security to your clients.

Enhanced Customer Support by System Generated Personalized Suggestions

Every time your customers book a ticket using your application, they will leave a trail behind. Of his booking habits, you can give him suggestions each time he comes for a ticket booking. For example, if he used to select the same pickup point each time, then select it by default from next time. This will improve user satisfaction.

These were a few features, which you may integrate into your ticket booking software. Based on your business model, you can select many other features, which help you to increase your business reach and ensure lead generation.

B2B Travel Agency Software

Travel companies whether small or large, are always trying to extend their reach in every possible way. Marketing of products and services is done through innovative, technological, and cost-effective solutions. Most travel agencies these days can be seen making use of technology such as email marketing, flash presentations, dynamic websites, and portals. As an owner of a travel business, all you need to do is make use of these efficient and cost-effective techniques to spare costs and time.

Application Program Interface (API) is a framework that provides ease in the development of HTTP services reaching numerous clients like mobile devices and web browsers. The innovative technology behind API lets you create rest full applications and services on the internet for the consumption of numerous business services. Users are provided access to a secure environment assuring confidential transfers in a safe mode. Application programming interface integration is reasonable when compared to the same feature of website development. Ease of use is provided while using XML-based messages and it has a reusable functionality. Various types of Application Program interfaces are written and available from different companies. These help in building travel portals and provides assistance in travel web services. These can be interacted directly with the main server to process requests that are XML based.

Key Features of API

  •         Hotel booking: Applications can easily search the hotels through hotel API and present the lowest tariffs that are available with hotels.
  •         Car booking: Application Program Interface search also enhances the ways of car booking and provides the best available nearby options. The user is redirected to the payment gateway after selecting an option.
  •         SMS Gateway: SMS API can also be integrated for sending a text message to customers for PNR formation or booking affirmation.
  •         Domestic and International booking: Applications are connected to the reservation system through Application Program Interface for fetching web inventory on Air tickets through the backend and for publishing on the application’s front end. The user is redirected to the payment gateway after selecting an option.

A B2B Travel Agency Software is a more powerful and comprehensive web-based booking engine that is specially designed for travel industries and agencies. The use of Application Program Interface integration for B2B travel portals helps in the ease of tasks within bookings made in hotels, airlines, road transport, insurance, and travel packages. Application Program Interface provides an extensive range of solutions for travel booking software projects and travel search engines.

API-integrated travel portal allows complete automation of travel companies in a cost-effective manner. Every aspect of the solutions delivered helps simplify the business processes of every travel agency regardless of small or large. Integration of the travel portal allocates a maximum number of options in Airlines and Hotel bookings in India and globally for all budgets and categories.

Different features available in the web-based applications provide help while booking hotel accommodations, air tickets, and car rentals. API application makes use of more innovative features for customizing the B2B Travel Agency Software and making it more appealing to travelers. Additionally, you can look up different websites using the Application Program Interface for their operations.