Looking For the Finest Los Angeles Tea House Locations?

Los Angeles tea house

If you live in the LA area and you’re a fan of tea, then you’ve certainly got some great Los Angeles tea house locations to enjoy within easy reach – if you know where to find them, of course. The quintessentially British pastime that is afternoon tea is something everyone should get to enjoy, as it represents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. 

The great news is that tea is one of many things you’ll get to enjoy at these establishments, as there’s a whole range of foods that go rather well with the delicious beverage. So, if you’re in the mood to partake but need help figuring out where to do so, we now look at some of the best tea houses that LA has to offer. 

Los Angeles Tea House #1 

If you’re in the Hollywood area, then you have to check out the Cat & Fiddle restaurant that charges less than 40 bucks for afternoon tea at the weekends. Such is its popularity that you will have to book in advance to avoid missing out, and it’s little wonder when you sample its British-pub-style interior. While it’s not a tea house in the strictest sense, they do a rather nice cup of tea, along with scones and confectionaries. What’s not to love?

LA Tea House Number Two! 

The Peninsula in Beverly Hills is another great location for afternoon tea, however, as you might expect in this salubrious part of LA, it can cost you quite a lot! In fairness, for the $135 you pay, you do get pampered with lashings of whipped cream, strawberries and scones. With a choice of three different sitting times, a live harpist and warming fireplaces, it’s a place you’ll want to visit. 

Los Angeles Tea House Three! 

Next, we go to the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, which offers a delectable weekend afternoon tea service in the luxury of the establishment’s lobby. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the beautiful Horseshoe Garden, visitors are fed with delightfully fluffy scones, clotted cream and jam. This experience is one that is a little cheaper, coming in at $75 per head. Catering also for vegetarians and vegans, it’s one that we’d certainly recommend visiting at some point if you’re able to. 

Dozens More Los Angeles Tea House Locations to Try 

These are just three of the many locations you can enjoy tea as it was meant to be experienced, so there really is nothing holding you back from taking part. While the US is a country that has a closer affinity with a cup of joe, the popularity of British-style tea afternoons is gathering pace all the time. 

Your takeaway here should be that while it might not be as widely advertised as coffee, there are lots of places you can go where the focus is very much on tea. And if you head to any of the establishments we mentioned, we’re sure you’ll have an awesome time. 

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