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In Canada, marijuana became legal in October 2018. Before that, British Columbia (or B.C.) produced enormous quantities of cannabis plants, but the number of legal cannabis farmers has expanded tremendously.

A plant’s chemotype (chemical composition), phenotype (outward appearance), and possible health benefits are all identified by its strain. Cannabis variations, cultivars, chemovars, and chemotypes are other names for cannabis strains.

Between 700 and 800 cannabis strains are currently known to scientists, but there may be thousands more that are still unknown or difficult to find. The number of cannabis strains that can exist is limitless as growers combine several plants to offer consumers various options. If you want to buy these strains, give Cannabis Vancouver a try.

How To Find The Best Cannabis Strain?

Not every strain is made the same. Experienced cannabis users can distinguish between higher-quality cannabis and lower-grade buds with ease. The fragrance is where it all begins. Instead of smelling “green” like chlorophyll found in any other leaf, high-quality cannabis should be robust and complex. Best-in-class cannabis should have a particular aroma that varies according to strain, such as traces of berries, citrus, spice, tropical fruit, musk, or pine.

Cannabis of high quality should be thick but not brittle. Its moisture content determines whether it will “bounce back” after being squeezed rather than disintegrating into dust. Similarly, the bud shouldn’t be very moist or overly dry. The best marijuana is resinous. It ought to feel sticky to the touch and grind uniformly and smoothly.

The trichomes, or “frost,” which are glands that store terpenes and cannabinoids, should be in abundant supply and be apparent on the plant. It ought to be supported by a robust, deep-green bloom. The experience, however, is what matters most. Cannabis should taste smooth and pleasing to the palate when lighted, and it should smell as wonderful as it tastes. Finally, high-quality marijuana should rapidly and consistently produce the euphoric or calming effects for which it is renowned.

Best Strains Found In Vancouver

Pink Kush

In case you didn’t know, Pink Kush is very popular in Canada. The prized Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with body-focused solid effects related to the OG Kush. This kind is well-liked all over Canada because of its powerful fragrances, vibrant blooms, and high THC content. It is a staple for consumers on a tight budget searching for an economic powerhouse. It is grown by numerous farmers around the nation.

Blue Dream

One of the most well-known strains is Blue Dream, which has THC concentrations of up to 19%. It is similar to a perfect endorphin shot for boosting creativity, enjoying a great concert, or having fun with friends. It is a mood-lifting massage for the senses. Blue Dream has been shown to have high levels of myrcene, terpinolene, and caryophyllene.


The Canadian hybrid Jean-Guy, with Dutch ancestry, is renowned for its cerebral effects and sour citrus aroma. The flavor of Jean-Guy has hints of lemon and pine, and the frosty dark green leaves conceal pale buds covered in golden crystal trichomes. Along with being well-liked by patients and in the unregulated sector, Jean Guy is still a dominant force in the legal market.

OG Kush

Thanks to its established quality and potency, it has emerged as one of the primary possibilities for breeding. Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush are combined to create OG Kush. The Hindu Kush is mostly an indica strain, whereas Chemdawg is a hybrid strain that hits the brain hard.

OG Kush is the perfect marijuana for any cannabis consumer, thanks to these two strains. It usually yields between 19 and 25 percent THC and up to 0.3 percent CBD, so its cerebral effects are experienced immediately.

Island Sweet Skunk

This potent skunk, grown on Vancouver Island in British Columbia for decades, might be a Canadian original. It is a hybrid that results from crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit with Skunk #1, which is Sativa-dominant. The flavor combination of tropical orange and grapefruit with sour diesel overtones undoubtedly contributed to the strain’s notoriety.

Watermelon Zkittlez

This Sativa is well praised for its lovely and juicy watermelon flavor, fruity scent, and uplifting, stimulating effect. By gently relaxing the muscles and banishing negative thoughts, it induces a pleasant sense of bliss while also allowing you to focus on a task with more vigor and motivation.

It is perfect for engaging in creative or social activities. You can utilize its medicinal benefits to treat depression or PTSD. Due to its fantastic resin production and terpene richness, it is highly suggested for cannabis extracts.

Why Does British Columbia Produce The World’s Best Strains?

Customers worldwide see British Columbia as the gold standard for cannabis plants. Cannabis grown in British Columbia is of high quality and appeal due to several variables, including its potency and environment. The following are some key contributors to the widespread use of the B.C. strain:

Natural resources: Ideal growing circumstances are supported by abundant natural water supplies, favorable microclimates, and excellent soil. A good location for outdoor crops on a mountain with access to clean water sources and maximum sun exposure is within the canopy.

Climate: The “Banana Belts” of British Columbia offer mild, ideal precipitation and ideal outdoor growing conditions. As a result, a prolonged late spring and summer growing season promotes cannabis plant development that is quick, lush, and of excellent quality.


Grower Sophistication: Cannabis has grown in British Columbia since 1931, when it was grown for (illegal) export to the United States during the Prohibition era. During Canada’s cannabis prohibition, state enforcement was generally slack, which allowed counterculture cannabis vendors and enthusiasts to profit. Uniquely adept growers have been cultivated over many years of experimentation and growth.

Potency: Compared to previous strains, modern B.C. cannabis is incredibly potent, thanks to advances in cannabis cultivation. THC levels have been tested in certain strains as high as 30%.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy cannabis, you undoubtedly want to know which cannabis strains are the greatest ones available. Although it is simple to obtain cannabis in Canada, we strongly advise buying your marijuana flowers, edibles, or oil from approved producers.

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