How you can take care of the healing crystals

Zen and Stone

Most people utilize crystals to soothe their body, soul, and mind. Some people even believe that crystals can act on energetic levels by sending out natural vibrations into the world. A crystal often travels long distances before you make a purchase. Each transition exposes these stones to energies that are not aligned with yours. And, when you use them for healing, the stones can redirect or absorb the negativity that you intend to release. 

Therefore, you need to clean them so that they may be recharged. This is the best way you can restore your sense of purpose. Before you decide to purchase crystals from Zen and Stone, you need to know how you can cleanse and recharge them. This article discusses how you can take care of the healing crystals.

Running water and saltwater

Water is believed that it can neutralize negative energy that is inside the stone and get it back to the earth. Natural running water just like a stream is good, but you also cleanse your stone using a faucet. Regardless of the water source, you need to make sure that the stone is fully submerged and pat it dry when you complete rinsing it. You can rinse hard stones like quartz for at least one minute. But you should not use this process for stones that are soft or brittle like kyanite, halite, or selenite. 

Salt has been utilized throughout history to remove unwanted energy and absorb negativity. And, when you are close to the ocean, you should collect a bowl of saltwater and mix it with table salt and rock. Make sure that the stone is fully submerged, and soak it for a couple of hours. You can then rinse and pat it dry completely. This process takes about 48 hours and you can use it for hard stones like amethyst and quartz. But don’t use this process on stones that are porous, soft, or have trace metals like selenite, malachite, angelite, lepidolite, or calcite.

Natural light

Ritual cleansing is usually focused on specific points in the lunar or solar cycle. But you can decide to cleanse and recharge your stone at any time. Set your stone out just before nightfall and choose to take it in before 11 am. Thais can allow your crystal to bathe in the light of the sun and moon. 

But prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can weather the surface of the stone, so ensure that you take it back in the morning. And, you can put your crystal directly on the earth to allow for further cleansing. Keep in mind that passersby or wildlife can disturb it, so make sure that it’s not disturbed. Afterward, you can quickly rinse your stone so that you may remove any debris and dirt and pat it dry.  This process can take at least between 10 and 12 hours and you can use it for the most tumbled stones. But you should not use this process for vibrant stones like amethyst in sunlight. Also, soft stones, such as halite, selenite, and celestite can be damaged by inclement weather. 

Brown rice and sage

Brown rice is another method that you can use to remove negativity in a contained and safe setting. This is beneficial for protective stones like black tourmaline. You can fill dry brown rice in a bowl and bury your stone below the grains. You should then get rid of the rice right after the cleansing because it’s believed that it can absorb the negative energy you intend to remove. This process usually takes about 24 hours and you can use it on any stone. 

When it comes to sage, it’s believed that sage is a sacred plant that has several healing properties. Therefore, you can smudge your stone to clear inharmonious vibrations and even restore its natural energy. This process requires you to have a fire-safe bowl, matches of a lighter, and a loose or bundled sage. 

If you cannot smudge outdoors, then make sure that you are close to an open window. This allows the smoke as well as negative energy to dispense. Therefore, if you are ready, you should ignite the sage’s tip with the flame. Then put the sage to your non-dominant and grasp the stone and move it in the smoke. You should allow the smoke to envelop your stone for at least 30 seconds. But if it has taken a while since you last cleansed your stone or you think that your stone is holding onto a lot, then you should smudge for an extra 30 seconds. The sage cleansing process can take between 30 and 60 seconds per stone and you can do it for any stone. 

Using a larger stone and smaller stones

Large quartz clusters, selenite slabs, and amethyst geodes can be suitable tools for cleansing your smaller stones. You can put your stone on top or inside any of these stones. It’s believed that the vibrations of a large stone can get rid of the inharmonious energies that rest in the stone. This process can take about 24 hours and you can use it for any type of stone

With smaller stones, such as clear quartz, hematite, and carnelian, they are believed to have a clearing effect. Since these stones are usually smaller, you can have more than one stone to successfully clear other stones. You should put the clearing stones in any small bowl and place the stone you intend to restore on top. This process can take about 24 hours and you can utilize it for any stone.


Sound healing is another popular cleansing method which allows a single tone or pitch to wash over an area by bringing it into the same vibrations as the pitch or tone. You can accomplish this by using singing bowls, chanting, a nice bell, or even a tuning fork. It doesn’t matter the type of key the sound is, but the sound emitted should be loud enough so that the vibration can fully encompass the stone.

This method is suitable for collectors with large amounts of crystals that are not easily moved or inventoried. The process can take between 5 and 10 minutes and you can utilize it for any stone.