How to Use Body Oil For Dry Skin

then using body oil

Body oil is one of the most important skincare products that will help in maintaining the body’s texture and feel. Even for babies, body massage is very important for their bodies to keep them free from pain and at the same time, it will help in soothing your body and mind. If you have a dry skin type, then using body oil is very important since it will hydrate and moisturise the dry parts of the body.

Body Oil – Short Definition:

It is quite a thick and formulated kind of oil, which will be applied all over your body for a good hydrated and moisturised effect.

Benefits of Using Body Oil:

  1. Moisturizes – As much as we moisturise our face and keep the facial skin hydrated, it is important to moisturise and hydrate your body skin too. Using body oil makes your skin well-nourished, moisturised, and hydrated at the same time.
  2. Soothes Dry Skin – If your skin is dry, it will simultaneously be dull too. In that case, using a few drops of body oil daily in your skin post-shower will help in keeping the body’s skin glowing and fresh at the same time.
  3. Treats Overall Health – When you apply the body oil in a quite circular motion and in a good massaging way, it will help in relaxing the muscle area, and clears the joint or bone pains on continuous usage.
  4. Chemical Free – In lotions, it is normal to add some sort of chemicals and preservatives for instant results and glowing effects which will not be completely safe. But in the case of body oils, they are completely pure without any addition of chemicals.
  5. Non-Greasy – You may feel that oils are quite greasy and will not suit your oily skin or any other skin. In that case, you can choose lightweight oils like sesame oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.
  6. Plant-Based – In the case of body oil, it will be formed with the formulation of nuts, branches, seeds, etc. So they are cruelty-free, which in this case can be preferred even by vegans.
  7. Absorbs Easily – Since you would choose only lightweight oils, and the formulation is even done in the same way, the absorption capacity in the skin will be done in a few seconds. You will not feel the sticky or greasiness in the skin.
  8. Promotes Healthy Skin – It is always better to go for organic and slow results, rather than including harsh chemicals and getting instant results. Choosing a healthy and organic kind of body oil will help in making your skin better even in a single day.

Ways to Include Body Oil in Your Routine:

  • If you are having extremely dry skin, take drops of oil and gently massage the oil all over your body from hands to legs.
  • If you feel your skin is dry and tacky after washing, it is necessary to check the temperature of the water you are using. If you only do hot bathing, add two to three drops of oil to the water so that they will help in keeping your skin soft.
  • Even if you have oily skin, using body oil once or twice a week will help in keeping your calm and mind in both a calm and composed state.

If you could have tried this body oil once, then you would surely love and feel the moisturised and soft feel in the body skin. Body oil would generally be light in weight, and also you would need not worry about the oily, sticky, or greasy effect post applying the product.

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