How to Take Stunning Photos of Jewelry with Your Phone

How to Take Stunning Photos of Jewelry with Your Phone

Jewelry photos are critical for any jewelry website. If you own a jewelry store and have a website, it’ll help to take and upload stunning photos of your jewelry. Images can make your website appealing and help potential customers make informed purchase decisions.

However, the challenge for many business owners is in taking stunning photos. The reality is that jewelry photography isn’t as easy as it might seem. However, you can take perfect photos of small earrings, small diamond studs and other hard-to-photograph jewelry items.

This article will help you do that almost effortlessly. It will provide the best tips for taking jewelry photos using your phone. You don’t have to be a professional to implement these steps.

Let’s get started below.

1.  Place the Jewelry on the Table

Place the Jewelry on the Table

It would be best always to place your jewelry on a flat surface when taking photos. A table will be an excellent place to get the best shots. One of the benefits this brings is that you can take photos from various angles. Place the jewelry on a table and change positions to get the desired angles.

Also, placing it on the table will help you capture all the tiny details you need. If you hold it in your hand, your fingers might block some details you should have captured. Ultimately, it will save you hours of editing, straightening, and aligning crooked photos.

2.  Invest in a Good Lens

The equipment you use influences the quality of photos you get. Jewelry pieces are usually small, meaning you need an excellent macro lens to get perfect images. A macro lens will save you a lot of work, as well. For instance, it will take good pictures even with poor lighting.

Also, you won’t need to use the inbuilt zooming capability of your phone to take good images. A good lens is enough to zoom even the smallest solitaire engagement ring (this comes with only one diamond) and take a good shot. You can get close-up shots without changing your camera settings to zoom the item.

You might have to invest in a macro lens if you want to take pictures of loose diamonds.

3.  Use an Image Stabilization Equipment

Another piece of equipment you’ll need is an image stabilizer. One of the best stabilization tools is a tripod. This equipment will stabilize your camera and will ensure you get clear images. Some phones have internal image stabilization tools which don’t always work perfectly.

The best option would be to use an external image stabilization tool. This will help reduce the camera shake which usually affects image quality. You should plan to buy a tripod if you don’t own one yet. You might need it every time when taking photos of jewelry.

4.  Maximize the Use of Applications

You can use various applications to get the desired picture quality. You can use them to edit your raw pictures to ensure they’re of the highest quality possible. These apps can help you change lighting, adjust special effects, crop images or even adjust the depth of field.

The best thing about using applications is that they do justice to your photos. They make them appeal to your audience and ensure the overall outcome of the images is pleasing. You can also consider using filters on your phone or those that come with your application.

5.  Ensure there’s Sufficient Light

Lighting is an essential factor when taking pictures. You should ensure your space has enough lighting before you start taking photos. The best lighting for taking jewelry images is either soft or diffused. This will bring out the most ideal view of your jewelry piece and help boost your sales.

The best option to consider is natural lighting. However, you shouldn’t take photos while placing your jewelry in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight might not affect you when looking at the jewelry directly. However, the people viewing those images might not get a similar view.

6.  Use the Device’s Zoom Capability and Focus

The images you take will tell your customers about the quality of your products. Out-of-focus photos might make your audience doubt your credibility. It might also affect their trust and give them alternative thoughts about transacting with your business.

It will help to ensure there’s proper focus before you take pictures. This will ensure you get the desired quality and improve your customers’ trust in your products. Customers can make purchase decisions by looking at the photos and not necessarily reading product descriptions.

7.  Check Your Smartphone Camera Settings

Your smartphone camera settings also play an integral role in ensuring good image quality. It will be ideal to adjust the camera settings to suit the image quality you want to achieve. In addition, avoid zooming in or using your phone’s flash to boost visibility as it will ruin image quality.

Some settings will make your images blurry and distort the overall image quality. Also, the flash will introduce direct light that might flatten the design of your jewelry.

8.  Be Extremely Stubborn

You might not get a perfect picture with your first shot. It will be good to take as many pictures as possible. This will ensure you have a wide selection to choose from. You should also focus on one piece of jewelry at a time and give every shot undivided attention.

The reality with jewelry photography is that it can be tricky. It would be best if you were patient and ready to put effort into getting the best shots. Some photos will come out poorly, not because you aren’t good at photography but for many other reasons, so take many of them.


Those are some of the best tips to implement when taking jewelry photos. It is straightforward to try the steps and consider the insights we’ve shared in this post. The good news is you don’t need technical knowledge; just your phone, some basic equipment and this article are enough as a guide.

You now have what it takes to take nice photos of your diamond jewelry. As pieces of jewelry come in all shapes and sizes, documenting them requires photographic skills considering that some diamond studs, earrings and bands are really small. You’ll need these tips to get high-end quality photos that will astonish your audience.

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