How to Make Your Entire Home Smell Good

Make Your Entire Home Smell Good

When your home smells fresh and inviting, life is simply more enjoyable for everyone! 

The space feels more pleasant, and your guests are more likely to have a positive, memorable experience when you throw a dinner party. Besides, it’s a good reason to shop for essential oils, a new humidifier, and other delightful additions to your home.

How exactly do you make your entire home smell good? Here are some simple tips to get the job done.

Clean Your Home Regularly

One of the best ways to make sure your home is always filled with a wonderful smell is to have a regular cleaning routine. Vacuum carpets and mop floors, dust surfaces, and make sure to pay special attention to any areas that may have an odor.

Cleaning the garbage disposal and trash cans will also help rid your kitchen area of any lingering odors. Set aside an hour to perform these deep-clean techniques every few weeks, so the problems do not build up and become harder to solve.

When cleaning, open up the windows and let some fresh air in. This will help circulate all of the stale air inside, as well as bring in a natural scent from outside. If you’d rather not open your windows, turn on an overhead fan or two to naturally move the air around and bring in fresher smells.

Use Natural Fragrances

Natural fragrances can be a great way to keep your home smelling great without using strong chemical smells. Start by simmering lemon and rosemary in a pot of water on the stove.

Potpourri can also be used in designated areas to provide gentle, consistent smells throughout the house. Place it in a vase or bowl and change the scent every few weeks to keep things fresh.

By keeping things natural, you can feel better about your choices for the environment and the health of you and your loved ones. 

Fabric Fresheners

You may be opposed to using chemical sprays in the house, but they are undeniably convenient in a pinch. Just a small spritz can go a long way and save you tons of time when freshening up.

Fabric fresheners are also a great way to keep your home smelling fresh. Sprinkle some on the carpets before vacuuming, or spray it directly onto furniture and curtains.

To offset the buildup of artificial compounds, be sure to refresh pillows, blankets, and other items. When the weather permits, don’t hesitate to open the windows! This will allow natural air to circulate throughout the home and let some of that musty odor disperse.

Remember that fabric fresheners on your upholstery and curtains can also help rid them of any stale smells that may be embedded in the fabrics.

Bring Joy with Essential Oils

Your favorite essential oils can rejuvenate the scent of a space with just a few drops and the right dispersal methods. 

These can fill the room with fresh scents without any harsh chemicals that may irritate sensitive noses. Use an essential oil diffuser, or make your own DIY air freshener with essential oils and water.

A humidifier can also work wonders to keep a space fresh and regulate moisture levels in a room. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil, such as lavender or jasmine, to the water. Choose a humidifier that doesn’t make too much noise and provides a cool mist year-round.

You can also find candles with natural essential oils in them. They don’t have the atmospheric benefits of a humidifier, but they can provide a boost in a hurry.

Add House Plants for a Natural Touch

Certain house plants are known for their air-purifying qualities. Add a few of these to your living space, like an ivy or spider plant, and reap the benefits of having a natural air freshener in your home.

These plants can also absorb pollutants from the air, leaving you with a naturally fresh scent that is much more pleasant than any chemical smell. We should mention that plants regulate carbon dioxide levels in the room and can make a great conversation starter.

The best house plants include aloe vera, spider plants, peace lily, English ivy, and Boston fern.

A few of these placed throughout the house can complement any aroma you create with essential oils or candles while providing a cleaner atmosphere.

Your Home Should Be an Odor-Free Zone

These are just a few tips to make your home always smell good and remain inviting. With regular cleaning, natural fragrances, and essential oils, you’ll be able to keep your home smelling great. It’s extra work around the house, but the effort is 100% worthwhile!

Following this guide can make your entire home smell good and let you enjoy the pleasant scents every time you walk through the door.

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