How Do Online Gamers Make Money?

Online Gamers

Do you like to play games online, and are you interested in making money easily? Did you know that now many gamers play to make money? It’s one of the newest methods to earn money online, and unlike other side projects or occupations; it can be quite enjoyable too.

There are various ways for you to earn too, whether you choose to play or share gaming content on social media.

If you are interested in how online gamers make money, then this article is for you. So continue reading to find out more, and maybe with this, you can earn too.

How do professional gamers make money, and how much?

People who wish to start earning money from gaming frequently ask this question, and for a good reason, actually. There isn’t a standard reply, though. 

When you earn money from gaming, you develop into what is referred to as a content producer who produces material for viewers.

In reality, this is similar to beginning your firm, yet in this type of business, a regular pay cheque doesn’t exist. 

Aside from that, there are other methods to get money in the game industry, and for each of those ways, there are various amounts of money that viewers are willing to spend. So with that being said, here are some income streams that professional gamers use to earn money;

•    Subscriptions

The primary streaming sites are Twitch as well as Facebook Gaming, and monthly subscriptions to these networks are the main source of income for gamers.

The idea is for fans of professional gamers to contribute, say $5 a month, to support as well as promote the creation of new monthly content for the games they adore. 

But do keep in mind that Twitch has the right to manage all the aspects of the subscription services, which also include payment processing.

With this, Twitch retains about 30 percent of each subscription.  So if the subscription is $5 and 30 percent is given to Twitch, the gamer is left with $3.50. 

The great thing about these types of subscriptions is that each gamer has access to a variety of subscription tiers, and frequently, subscribers who pay more receive extra benefits like access to exclusive content or personalized games that they can showcase in the gamer’s chat room.

It is also worth mentioning that a professional gamer on their site that has more than 80,000 subscribers is getting paid around $200,000 per month, which is a great way of making money and doing what they love.If you are interested, you can find the best games to win real money online and play your hearts out while earning.

•    Donations

Donations are yet another great way online gamers can generate money from their supporters or subscribers. People who are watching can financially support their favorite streams or commentators on Twitch as well as Facebook Gaming.

For outsiders, this obviously might seem weird, but you must know that this is quite common. Fans of these professional gamers choose to support them willingly.

Each donation not only benefits the person producing the gaming material but also provides the community with resources as well as motivates game creators to keep making better gaming content through user feedback.

To add on, it is said that streamers frequently earn daily donations ranging from $5 to $100, mainly when they are live-streaming.

•    Sponsors

Online gamers with a keen eye for business produce entertaining material and discover what their audience like as well as dislikes.

As time goes on, gamers come to understand that their audience could enjoy particular things, so they collaborate with those businesses to receive sponsorships.

In professional sports throughout the world, sponsorship is quite common. Although it involves advertising, this is not pay-per-view.

Instead, the player gives consent to promote a company’s products in return for a cash payment each month and perhaps even per year. 

These collaborations can range from small companies that sponsor a gamer to large companies that give thousands of dollars to a particular gamer.

•    Advertising

Advertising is the second-largest source of income for gamers after subscriptions. Both Twitch and YouTube have advertisements that break up the video feed and promote brands. A gamer on Twitch or Youtube receives a fixed sum of money for each view, which varies slightly based on the ad that was shown.

For every 1,000 views of a video posted to YouTube, a content provider like a gamer will receive about $15. This might not sound like much, but consider how much more money a gamer would earn, the more views they received. It’s undoubtedly a win-win situation.

The gaming and streaming industries are similar to the traditional TV and newspaper industries in many ways. The foundation is made up of subscribers, then readers, and the more individuals who subscribe and watch, the more money advertisers are ready to spend.

•    Tournament prizes

According to reports on, the prize pool of the tournament victories has increased so much from hundreds of dollars to now millions of dollars in just over five years. And you will be surprised to know that in the upcoming year, it’s anticipated to surpass $1 billion.

Now, if you’re a skilled player, you may be able to make a lot of money from competitions in every genre of game, from chess to sports to shooting games and everything else in between.

This is just another great way many professional players make a lot of money. But there is more on the line than merely walking away with large cash prizes.

This is because the other sources of money mentioned above will also increase once a player participates in a tournament since more people will be aware of them.

So, if a gamer plays well and offers viewers influential content, just participating in a tournament will earn them a steady stream of memberships as well as advertising money.


Now that you know the best ways online gamers make the most of their money, you can easily discover which ones are best for you.

Remember that earning significant money while enjoying those amazing games will take some time as well as effort. And you will have to stay consistent to achieve your goals.

Plus, you can try various platforms at the same time to reach your goal more quickly, such as gaming and streaming at the same time will help you gain subscribers more quickly.

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