Hindu-Muslim marriage in Dubai for Indian residents

Hindu-Muslim marriage

A couple’s wedding day is their most significant event. Hindu-Muslim marriages in Dubai are very common since so many Indians practice other religions.

Marriages between foreigners who are not Muslims are nevertheless permitted to be registered in the UAE. A man and a woman’s connection is legally established by marriage, which is a legal tie. Expats do get married in the UAE. Some perform an interfaith union (between a Muslim expat and one from a different religion), while others follow the traditions and rituals of their particular faith. In any of the scenarios mentioned above, the bride and groom’s nationality and religion will determine the process for registering their marriage in the UAE. Following UAE legislation, a Dubai court marriage lawyer may assist in registering your marriage.

Legal Requirements for Marriage under Personal Status Law

According to Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 on Personal Status, marriage is a legally binding arrangement between a man and woman to safeguard and establish a stable family (Article 19). The Personal Status Law has requirements that must be satisfied for a marriage to occur. As follows:

  1. The marriage must have the bride’s consent.
  2. Residents of the UAE are required for both parties. A resident visa for Dubai is necessary for at least one of the parties to the marriage portable photo booth.
  3. You should receive a pre-marital screening certificate. The public healthcare institution in the UAE has released this. It makes sure that any contagious diseases are not disseminated.
  4. A Muslim man may marry an ‘Ahl Al Kitabia’ woman or a non-Muslim woman without requiring her to convert. If the woman is not of the book, she must convert to Islam before the marriage may be considered genuine. For the sake of Islamic law, let’s imagine that a Christian guy wants to wed a Muslim lady, but the Christian man must convert to Islam first.
  5. The marriage must be legally binding- In the United Arab Emirates, a marriage may be lawfully binding, provided it has been approved and registered by the appropriate authorities.
  6. Same-gender unions are illegal in the UAE – Same-gender marriages are illegal in the UAE and are not recognized there.

Requirements for Hindus to get married in Dubai

Hindu marriages in Dubai must adhere to several legal requirements to be legitimate. All Hindu weddings in the emirate of Dubai are conducted at the Dubai Hindu Temple by the Maharaj. The temple, which performs marriage rituals, is operated by the Indian consulate. The initial prerequisites are as follows:

  1. Both parties are of Indian descent, and at least one of the pair has to have a residency visa for the UAE.
  2. Birth certificates for both parties and passports with valid visas for residency (originals and copies).
  3. filled-out application forms
  4. Three witnesses have residence visas from the UAE.
  5. IDs for residents (original and copy).
  6. Passport-sized photos (two).
  7. Completed Application Form and an affidavit verified by the Indian embassy demonstrating that both parties are free to wed.
  8. Divorce decree, if necessary.
  9. If one of the parties is not an Indian, there must be no obstacle certificate from the embassy.
  10. Depending on the contracting parties’ nationality, residence status, and religious affiliations, additional criteria may apply to Hindu weddings in Dubai.

Requirements for Indian expatriates getting married in Islam

For at least one of the parties in Dubai, a residence visa for the UAE is needed.

  1. The bride’s father or their Dubai wedding attorney must be present in person at the wedding.
  2. Two Muslim Male as witnesses.
  3. Expats must have their original passports, duplicates, and proof of their identity from a witness.
  4. If the bride is Muslim, but her father is not, she will require a paper from her respective embassy or consulate indicating that there are no problems.
  5. In the case of a divorce or the passing of a spouse, proof of status is needed.

How may Marriage Lawyers at Dubai Court Marriage assist you?

As a result, there are several methods to consummate the marriage in the UAE, depending on nationality, religious beliefs, and residence Dubai has many foreigners who move there and meet and fall in love, making marriages there rather popular. But one must remember that getting married in Dubai as an Indian Muslim or Non-Muslim is not always an easy process since documentation requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, being ready and knowledgeable about the necessary paperwork is essential. A marriage lawyer who can provide attestation services in Dubai should be hired to obtain the marriage certificate and other attestations.

Concerning Hindu-Muslim marriage in Dubai, do you have any questions? If you’re an Indian expat getting married in Dubai, get assistance from our team of qualified marriage lawyers.

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