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Active Kids

Parenting is hard. Every parent wants the best for their kids, but no matter how careful parents are, kids get sick or get deficient in one of the important nutrients because of their lazy eating habits. As a parent, you do not want your kid to sit idle all day long, nor do you want them to remain overly active. You want your kids to concentrate on important things but at the same time, you want them to experience everything around you. Maintaining a balance can be very hard.

If you are struggling to keep your kids physically active while maintaining a balanced diet, then here are some useful tips that can help you deal better with things.

1.      Encourage Physical Activity At Young Age

Your kids are more likely to be physically active at an adult age when they are active in their early childhood. When your baby is still in the crib, encourage physical activity by investing in playgyms and other such interactive toys. Even a 3-month-old will respond if parents encourage them to move their legs.

Make sure that you make your house completely baby-proof and that you let your babies and toddlers roam around the house. Confining your young ones to the rockers or bouncers will only restrict their movement. Put them on the floor around toys to encourage activity. If you restrict screen time at a young age, you can bring up more physically active kids.

2.      Offer Healthy Snacking Options

Kids eat what they want to eat. You can not force your kids to eat healthily by offering them steamed or raw vegetables and fruits. Raw vegetables are essential for providing some of the most essential nutrients to the human body. If your kids conventionally repel vegetables, come up with creative strategies. For instance, appetizers such as vegetable quesadilla are a great way to encourage your kids to finish their vegetables.

You can also include vegetables in smoothies and juices to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids. Packaged and processed foods should be given only a limit, that too with lower sugar content.

3.      Make It A Family Activity

Healthy eating and physical activity should not be forced upon kids. Always remember that kids learn majorly through observation. They will do what they see their elders do. If you or your partner are couch potatoes yourself, you can not expect your kids to be physically active.

Make it a family activity to eat healthy home-cooked food and be more physically active. You can encourage healthy eating in your kids by bringing them into the kitchen and asking them to help you make food. Let your child pick vegetables and fruits of their choice for their smoothie. You can tell the benefits of each vegetable and fruit to encourage your kids to make wise decisions. Similarly, taking your kids to your gym will also motivate them to get physically active.

4.      Enroll Them To Summer Schools

Most kids remain physically active because of their schools. However, they become couch potatoes during their summer vacations. Video games might be good for skill-building, but there should be a limit to everything. You should consider enrolling your kids in the local summer schools.

Some of the summer programs are great. They offer a wide range of activities like camping, swimming, various kinds of sports, and some intellectual activities as well. Summer camps will not only keep your kids occupied but also teach them to be more physically as well as mentally active, both of which are crucial for their growing age.

5.      Find A House Away From City

Kids living in the city get less physical activity as compared to kids living in the suburbs. A major reason is that cities are busy and dangerous for kids to be left alone. No parent would ever let their child play outside alone. That is why parents living in big cities are forced to keep their kids occupied through video games and smart devices. Unless you have a big front or backyard in your city house, consider moving to a smaller town just around the city.

In small towns, you can let your kids bicycle in the streets without fearing fast traffic. Your kids will be more active when they find friends their age and have something to explore every day.

6.      Utilize Consequences To Teach Values

As a parent, you should be more consistent in your parenting style. Do not ruin the habits of your kids by saying yes to everything, or by not punishing them for not listening to you. When you set a screen time limit for your kid who is old enough to understand your instructions, consider using consequences to make them learn, such as, by taking away the smart devices or unplugging the internet connection.

When your kids are aware of the severe consequences of their actions, they will listen to you more.

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