Every one would like Concerning Power Card for Timezone

What’s Powercard?

Powercard may be a stored-value card which will be accustomed build purchases at Waterway Point, furthermore as alternative shops and F&B outlets in Punggol. it’s also accepted as a mode of payment for parking at Waterway Point.
To encourage shoppers to use Powercard, Timezone are going to be freely giving $5 value of game credits* with each $30 indefinite quantity created to any Powercard from now till three November 2019! there’ll even be a 10% rebate on all game purchases made victimisation Powercard throughout the promotion period. therefore start grouping your Powercards and head on right down to Timezone for a few fun!

The way to start

to start out victimisation Powercard, merely purchase a card at any of the client service counters at Waterway Point. you’ll value more highly to either load price into the cardboard for immediate use, or register the card for on-line top-ups.

If you’re registering the card for online top-ups, you may have to be compelled to give your personal particulars and get in touch with details. AN email address is needed for registration.

How to use Powercard

Powercard may be used rather like a debit or credit automotived, merely gift it at the payment terminal once creating purchases. once victimisation Powercard for parking, make sure that you have got decent price in your card before exiting the car park.

However do I check my balance?

you’ll check your Powercard balance at any of the client service counters, or at the self-service kiosks settled throughout Waterway Point. you’ll conjointly check your balance online, by work into your account on the Powercard web site via the subsequent link https://www.timezonegames.com/en-sg/party-venues.

The way to high up the cardboard

Powercard may be screw-topped up at any of the client service counters, self-service closets, or on-line. Topping up online may be a hassle-free way to make sure that you mostly have price in your card, and is particularly convenient for those that are registered for auto-reload.

Topping up at the customer service counter or self-service kiosk is fast and easy, merely insert your Powercard into the reader and follow the directions on the screen. For online top-ups, you may have to be compelled to log into your account on the Powercard web site and enter your payment details.

What are the advantages of victimisation Powercard?

1. Saves time and money: Powercard may be a good way to save lots of time and money. With it, you’ll book your tickets ahead and avoid the long queues at the ticketing counters.

2. Convenient: Powercard is extremely convenient to use. you’ll use it to book your tickets on-line or through the mobile app.
3. simple to use: Powercard is very easy to use. you only have to be compelled to produce an account and so you can begin victimisation it.

4. Safe and secure: Powercard may be a safe and secure thanks to book your price tags. all of your personal data is hold on firmly on the Powercard servers.

5. quick and economical: Powercard is a fast and efficient way to book your tickets. it’s terribly simple to use and you’ll book your tickets in exactly a couple of clicks.

6. Provides nice discounts: Powercard provides great discounts on your tickets. With it, you can lay aside to 50% on your ticket prices.

7. Helps you plan your trip: Powercard helps you intend your trip by providing you with the newest data on attractions, events, and activities in Singapore.

8. Keeps you advised: Powercard keeps you informed concerning the latest news and updates in Singapore. you’ll conjointly check the standing of your booking anytime, anywhere.

9. Rewards you for victimisation Powercard: Powercard rewards you for using its services. after you use Powercard to book your tickets, you may earn points which will be saved for various rewards.

10. Powercard is that the best thanks to book your tickets: Powercard is that the best thanks to book your tickets. it’s a convenient, simple to use, and safe way to book your tickets. With it, you’ll save time and money.

As you can see, Powercard may be a nice answer for Timezone in Singapore. It’s easy to use and versatile, creating it the proper alternative for anyone trying to find an efficient way to keep track of the time.

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