Effective Ways to Eliminate Fleas in Your League City TX Home

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Fleas are highly annoying and are commonly considered to be the worst type of parasite. They’re busy and prolific for their size. Fleas can be transferred to pets by contact with the outdoors, social interaction with other animals, or human introduction.

Flea infestations can test your perseverance and patience. If you have a flea-ridden pet, your yard and house are likely to become infested with fleas as well. Hiring a Pest Control League City TX company can be one of the ideal solutions to eliminate fleas from your home. The sooner you act, the better chance you have of removing all fleas and preventing them from returning.

Here are helpful tips to help you get rid of fleas:

Treatments for Fleas in Your Home


Be sure to vacuum the floors, furniture, and sheets using a strong vacuum cleaner. All stages of a flea’s life cycle—eggs, larvae, and pupae—need a safe place to develop; these smaller spaces are often the best bet. Use a vacuum with a disposable bag to avoid touching the contents of the trash can.

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner efficiently cleans your carpets, furniture, and even your pet’s bed. Fleas can be destroyed at any stage of their life cycle when exposed to intense heat and soap. To prevent mishaps, you should inspect the areas where your pet likes to hang out.

Do Laundry

Wash all the bedding in hot water with detergent, including the pet’s bedding. Please put it in the most desirable setting to dry. If the infestation is bad enough, you should discard all old bedding and start with brand-new items.

Baking Soda and Salt

Spread baking soda around carpets and furniture and scrub it into the fabric with a vigorous brush to treat fleas at home. Next, you should empty the contents of the vacuum into a bag before taking it outside to the trash can. Like baking soda, salt can be used as a natural flea home treatment when paired with a vacuum. Since salt dehydrates adult fleas, it is an excellent method for getting rid of them.

Eliminate Fleas In Your Yard

Start Mowing the Lawn

Maintain your lawn by cutting it frequently and raking the trimmed sections thoroughly. Infestations of fleas often occur in areas with dense undergrowth. Please do not add the contents to your compost pile; instead, place them in trash bags.

Cedar Fragments

If your pet enjoys lounging in the flower beds or under the shrubs, you should sprinkle some cedar chips in such spots. Fleas can’t stand the scent; therefore, it’s good. Sulfur, either in powdered or liquid form, can repel fleas and prevent their eggs from hatching.

Animal Relocation

Get rid of any critters that may be lurking around. Fleas can infest a wide range of species, from raccoons and mice to squirrels and skunks. A less drastic option than capturing or killing these pests is to simply keep them out of your yard.

Remove Debris

The flower beds and the area under the shrubs should be swept free of any debris such as dead leaves and twigs. Make sure the shadowy areas get as much light as possible.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for the real deal on how to get rid of fleas? The most efficient strategy for eliminating fleas is to hire a professional Pest Control League City TX service. Protecting people and their pets requires having an expert look things over. They have the know-how to get rid of pests quickly and effectively, unlike the average homeowner.

Hiring The Pest Bros is your best choice for completely eradicating a flea infestation in your home, yard, or place of business. They also offer a wide range of services for other pests, including termites and mosquitoes. The Pest Bros are committed to providing their customers with affordable, top-quality service that always leaves them satisfied. Just dial (281) 206-4670 to schedule your appointment today.

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