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If a girl agreed to a first date, then she is already showing interest in a man. It is logical that she does not need to waste precious time on a man who is not at all interesting. Therefore, the task of a man is not to spoil the first date.

How to deal with anxiety before a date

Preparing for a date is a sure way to beat your nerves! You need to think about where you will go, what you will talk about, what will interest the girl.

A man should be confident, relaxed, friendly and relaxed. Your task is to make the girl think that she has known you all her life! The dating advice for men websites gives the following advices.

You can eliminate the excitement before a date with the “square breathing” technique. The main advantage is that it can be used anywhere and anytime.

Technique of “square breathing”

To breathe in a “square”, follow this pattern: inhale – pause – exhale – pause. The duration of these four stages should be the same. For example, inhale for three seconds – hold your breath for three seconds – exhale for three seconds – again pause for three seconds.

The ideal duration is 5-6 seconds. But remember that it is better to increase the duration gradually, exercising at home.

After a few minutes of such breathing, you will feel much calmer and more confident.

Be natural

On the first date, do not fuss, pay attention to whether you laugh too loudly, how quickly you speak. Excessive gesticulation, fidgeting or bouncing will be unnecessary. Best of all, be yourself!

Don’t try to impress a girl

You should not talk about your heroic deeds, as fictional stories are easy to feel. By deceiving a girl, you can get confused or forget, and the truth will come to the surface. This behavior will ruin the girl’s opinion of you.

If you want to impress a girl, do it with your restraint and modesty.

Maintain eye contact

Whether you are speaking or listening, maintain eye contact. The result of a first date depends on how good you are at maintaining eye contact. This is a very intimate moment for girls. By doing this, you show that you know what you want and are confident in yourself. This will close the distance between you.

Avoid negative topics of conversation

Positive topics of communication On the first date, you can talk about any topics that interest both. The basis of communication with girls is positive emotions. Remember that girls don’t like pessimists. This has been proven by psychologists. If you want to be successful with women, stay positive in everything.

Speak with emotion

Men have a logical conversation based on “naked” facts. For girls, the emotional part of the story is important – feelings, experiences, sensations. Use emotional statements, pay attention to the little things.

End a date at an emotional peak

You should not delay the first date, especially the successful one. If everything is great now, this does not mean that in an hour or two it will not turn into a dreary and boring date. To avoid this situation, it is better to leave at the very peak of the date. As they say – “Leave at the peak of glory!”. In this case, the girl will have the most positive impression.

Seeing the girl home, arrange a second date. Say you had a great time with her. Do not forget to add to add what was different with her as with others, in fact it was interesting and good. It is better to say such words when you are sure that it is mutual.

On the first date with a girl, show your best side and show a genuine moderate interest in your chosen one. Ask her interesting questions, listen carefully to the answers, show sincere interest in her stories. But never interrupt – this will show that you are a polite and pleasant conversationalist, and are interested in her personality.

On the first date, you should be a gallant gentleman, but without obtrusiveness and harshness. Guess her desires, but you should not instantly fulfill all her whims and whims. This will show that you are interested in her and reduce your value in her eyes. Read more information in and take it into consideration.

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