Creating a best and Safe Playground


To create a safe playground, there are several elements should be considered. These include Protective surfacing, Footing, Guardrail, and Infill. If you are not sure which elements to consider, contact a professional 안전놀이터 company and get their advice. This will ensure that your play space is safe for your child.

Protective surfacing

Protective surfacing is important for the safety of children in a playground. The surfacing should be shock-absorbing, and the material should be installed at the proper depth for the play equipment. This depth is specified in ASTM F1292. Loose-fill materials that are appropriate for play equipment include wood mulch/chips, engineered wood fiber, shredded/recycled rubber mulch, and pea gravel. For playground equipment that stands less than five feet high, sand or pea gravel should be used.

While protective surfaces are not a cure-all for playground accidents, they can help reduce serious injuries and save children’s lives. A protective surface can reduce head injuries, but can’t prevent all falls. The more shock-absorbing a surface is, the lower the risk of serious injury. However, there is no way to completely prevent injuries, and it is important to be aware of the safety requirements of any playground.


Footing is an important component of any playground, as it anchors the playground equipment to the ground and prevents accidental falls. It also acts as a barrier to prevent children from slipping through an elevated platform. Footings for safety playgrounds can be made of sand, wood fibers, rubber, or other loose-fill surfacing material. In addition to footing, a safe playground should also have a barrier around the perimeter.

Footing should be at least 24 inches apart, especially near the playground equipment. Soft-seat swings and animal swings should also be separated by 24 inches. Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires proper accommodations for children with disabilities, which includes a 60-inch pathway and a firm, slip-resistant surface. Adaptive swings, surfacing mats, and other materials can help improve accessibility.


A guardrail protects children from falling through a gap or opening in a playground structure. A fall is one of the most common playground injuries, and the use of a guardrail will help prevent this tragedy. When installing a guardrail, make sure it is the correct height for the children who will use the playground. For example, a preschooler’s playground will need a guardrail that is not more than twenty inches high.

Another way to ensure the 안전놀이터 of your children is to regularly inspect the playground equipment. Make sure that all sharp metal edges are capped, and that all wooden parts are smooth. Also, check all elevated platforms for sharp edges or openings. These should not be higher than 32 inches, and any openings should be perforated.

Playground infill is a vital part of a healthy playground. It can help protect surfaces from harmful germs and odors. It can also keep turf cooler by absorbing moisture from rain, humidity, and irrigation systems. It is ideal for city parks, backyards, and schools. Choosing the right infill for your playground will not only make it safer and more comfortable for children to play on, but it will also help reduce the number of injuries.

When choosing infill for your safety playground, look for natural materials that have low chemical content. For instance, synthetic turf made with a polyethylene fiber backing and a rubber infill is a great choice for a playground. However, synthetic turf doesn’t absorb fall as well as poured-in-place surfacing, so you may need to add additional padding or underlayment to keep your children from slipping.

Protective barrier

A protective barrier provides an extra layer of safety for your playground. It may not contain a designated play surface, but must be designed in such a way as to discourage climbing. The barrier could be as simple as a decorative panel or rung enclosure. However, it must be designed to prevent a child from climbing on it, as well as preventing them from falling through it.

Children’s heads can become trapped in playground equipment, leading to injuries and even death. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a useful checklist for assessing playground safety. Among the tips are to make sure that there is no clothing hanging off of play equipment. It is also important to make sure that children don’t wear clothing that could get caught and become a strangulation hazard.

Entrapment and strangulation hazards

One of the top safety concerns for playgrounds is entrapment and strangulation hazards. Children can be trapped in a variety of ways, including getting their heads stuck in small openings. When children are unable to turn around to get out of entrapment, they can be strangled. Other entrapment hazards include bicycle helmets, which can obstruct a child’s passage if they become stuck.

Entrapment and strangulation hazards in a safety playground may involve open “S” hooks, protrusions, and other play equipment. Children may become entangled in equipment, and the safety inspector’s job is to identify any areas that may pose a hazard.

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