Can Excel Files Be Saved as PDFs Without My Pages Being Cut Off?

Excel Files Be Saved as PDFs

In some cases, Excel file has some information that isn’t going to look good when printed as a PDF. Can this issue be fixed without having to redo the whole thing?

The version of the file matters

If you are using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or later, you can save your file as a PDF without fear of numbers being cut off. This is because the program will automatically use a formatting style that causes the numbers to be formatted, so they don’t get cut off. If you are using an earlier version of Excel (2003 or earlier), then it is more likely that the numbers will be cut off when converting Excel to PDF.

You have to check the print settings in Excel

You have to check the print settings in Excel. Excel’s print settings are different from Word’s, and if you don’t change them, your numbers will be cut off.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen, go to File > Print (or press Ctrl + P). In the right-hand column under Page Setup, look for To Fit, and Change “Shrink” to “No Shrink.” Then click OK when you’re done—and your pages should no longer be cut off.

You may have to increase some margins manually

You can increase margins by going to the Page Setup section of the Print dialog box or by clicking the Margins drop-down list in this area. You’ll see several options for margin settings, including Top, Bottom, Left and Right. If you want to change all four margins at once, choose Multiple Pages from this drop-down list.

When you’re done changing your settings (or if you don’t need any changes), click OK to save them and exit the print dialog box.

You should check how your numbers are formatted

You should also check how your numbers are formatted. As per the professionals at Adobe Acrobat, “If you have commas separating thousands, periods separating decimals and hyphens separating decimals, they will be saved out of Excel as commas, periods and hyphens, respectively.”

If you want to keep the same formatting but save it as a PDF, then you need to use the slash instead. For example, 1,000 would become 1_000 if saved as a PDF file with no changes made in Excel.

If you have more than one sheet in your Excel file, it’s important to remember that PDF will cut off everything after the last sheet. In order for them all to be included, each sheet needs its own section and page break. If you want a nice-looking document without any data loss at all, consider printing the document and saving it as a PDF instead of just converting directly from Excel.

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