Best 7 Types of Fundraising Methods to Support Charity


Probably, you’ve read a lot about charity services and fundraising activities on different platforms and social sites. No wonder Google and other social media platforms are bombarded with charity partnerships and fundraisers.

Needless to say, there is a vast segment of fundraisers out there, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach used anywhere. In fact, every other non-profit organization has a different strategy in order to collect funds.

Below, in this article, we have jotted down the best seven fundraising methods. But before we jump into the methods section, let’s first discover some key aspects that will be useful for you for a successful charity partnership.

Ready to explore? Let’s delve deeper together.

Key Aspects to Consider Before Getting Started 

  1. Comprehend your Donor’s Needs 

When you are able to understand your donor’s needs, then you can easily connect with them in a more meaningful manner. For this purpose, start your discovery by visualizing the donor’s persona and creating donor profiles.

In general, the donor persona gives insights into demographic information, including their communication style, aims and goals, and preferred choices.

  1. Perform a Donor Segmentation 

Once you are done determining your donor’s needs, the next step is to perform a donor segmentation. Basically, donor segmentation is the process in which you make an analysis of your donor’s persona and categorize them based on a variety of characteristics. For instance, gender, age, engagement level, frequency of giving, and much more.

  1. Research and Set Goals to Raise Funds 

If you want to successfully raise funds for your non-profit organization, start your journey by setting some goals. For instance, how much charity you want to raise and in which fundraising events you can take part in.

Besides, review your organization’s mission and vision statement and make changes accordingly. Furthermore, list down all the companies that have partnered with you in the past and connect with them on the first basis.

However, if you’re still unsuccessful in raising charity as per your goals, start listing down some other companies. In this regard, you can make a strong portfolio to showcase your organization’s goals and objectives.

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Top 7 Fundraising Methods to Collect Funds for Charity Services 

  1. Online Donations 

As a charity organization, online donations are one the easiest yet tremendous fundraising methods. For this purpose, you can set up an online donation page with proper guidelines and details.

Setting up a page specifically for collecting funds acquires customers’ trust and improves their loyalty to your brand.

Overall, if you want to gain a vast segment of donors online, make sure that your website is updated with all the essential information regarding your services and policies.

  1. Social Events

Community Events are the new normal these days. This one is another popular fundraising method, highly appreciated by market opportunists and business owners.

Arts and crafts, bake-sale, walk-a-thon, occasional dinners, gaming competitions, movies, and concerts are great ways to elevate charity.

Besides, these activities help you connect with other donors (both local and international) on a larger platform.

Also, arranging events opens a myriad of opportunities for businesses as well as for non-profit organizations. Based on the type of event you have organized, you can expect different types of charity.

Also, you can contact Wave on the Go company to assist you in organizing a fundraising event for your cause. Plus, you can make use of wave on the go app for sending donations from any part of the world at any time.

  1. Door-to-Door Solicitation

Collecting funds from door to door is quite an outdated method. However, it is still successful and utilized by many organizations today.

In general, door-to-door solicitation is highly used by political establishments.

In this method, you can discover more potential customers or donors, which is eventually not possible via connecting with emails or any other source of communication medium.

  1. Email Marketing

Primarily, email marketing was considered one of the most exquisite methods for various purposes. But with a rapid progression in the telecommunication industry, email marketing has become obsolete.

However, there is still a vast segment of the population out there who still uses email strategy to acquire leads, raise funds for charity, introduce products/services, or retain their old clientele.

  1. Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding is a method mostly adopted by non-profit organizations and businesses alike. In this method, every other individual contributes a small amount in the name of a donation.

In order to raise more charity from this method, you must adopt some ways. For instance, promote your cause on social media pages.

Besides, ask your friends and family members to share your post on their timelines. Furthermore, you can arrange any fundraising activity or set up a donation page online. Moreover, you can conduct online sessions and contests.

Most importantly, you can share your brand’s story on distinct online platforms as well as share your organization’s needs via email.

  1. Phone Canvassing 

Over the past few years, phone solicitations have been regarded as the easiest way to elevate funds for charity. But, with the passage of time, phone canvassing has lost its importance. Still, there is a multitude of businesses using this technology.

Basically, in this method, an individual connects with giant businesses or telecommunication industries and exchange information associated with their organization’s needs. Though, every other business wouldn’t be interested in your industry. Therefore, it is important to prioritize your contacts list.

To put it simply, calling donors personally could increase the chances of gifts, improve retention, and is a great way to attain new clients and retain the old ones.

  1. Sponsorships/Partnerships 

One of the easiest ways to collect funds is to partner with any reputable company. In fact, a huge chunk of donations comes from companies. Therefore, you must collaborate with any enterprise for the betterment of your organization.

Undoubtedly, partnership programs are mutually beneficial for both parties. Companies take advantage of partnering with a charitable trust in order to attract more customers towards their brand. Similarly, non-profit organizations attain benefits through company resources.

Overall, partnerships are one of the tremendous fundraising methods. With that, you can expect a certain amount of donation monthly. With that amount, you could easily help out those unprivileged lives.

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