Benefits of antifungal cream for fingernails

antifungal cream for fingernails

Fungal infections, also known as Mycosis, are a very annoying kind of illness. It’s caused by a living organism called Fungi. Fungi are more common than you think. They are everywhere and are mostly found near moist areas. Most fungi we see are big enough to notice, but what about their spores? Yes, they can stick to your skin or can even invade your respiratory tract. In spore form, they are very inactive but once they are stuck in some moist place, they start infecting. Growing in numbers and overtaking the food supply, or I should say the water supply of that particular region. It can also infect living beings like us. Its effects can range from very mild to extremely severe. In this article, we will discuss specific fungal nail infections and how to use antifungal cream for fingernails. So shall we proceed?

1. Why am I infected in the first place?

Mycosis doesn’t have much strength in itself, and if you have a fungal nail infection, it shows that your immunity system is weak enough for it to take hold. I’m not suggesting all mycosis cases are simple, there are many cases in which these infections can be fatal or leave a permanently disfigured body behind. So how can you identify this infection before it becomes something severe? Look for these symptoms now.

  • Thickened nails
  • Discoloured nails
  • Wobbly or ragged
  • Misshapen
  • Smells like a garbage dump

Contact your physician as soon as possible if more than 2 of these symptoms apply to you.

2. Treatment: –

It is likely that your doctor gave you both a cream and an oral antifungal medication. Follow the prescription to the letter and your infection will vanish in no time. After treatment, the main concern arises. You still need to keep on applying the cream as the nail won’t grow overnight. In that case, you can order our inexpensive creams for as little as 10INR or 12 cents in the USA. Yes, these infections are very common and that’s why treatment is also very cheap and easily accessible.

3. Well, I don’t want to see a doctor!

There may be some reason or emergency where you can’t reach your doctor, in that case, you can do these self-treatments for better safety,

  • First of all, Do Not Buy Any Antibiotics and Start Consuming Them. It is very risky as you may lose your finger in the worst-case scenario.
  • Utilize only home remedies, and first, clean the entire surface with clean, disinfected water.
  • Use a swab to clean the inside of the nail.
  • Cut the infected nail as much as you can, if it starts hurting, stop. Do not force it further.
  • Visit your nearest pharmacy and ask for a nail infection cream.
  • Use that antifungal cream after cleaning the surface properly. Then let it be absorbed.
  • Do not use old shoes or socks, and always wear cleaner footwear. It will help in stopping the infection.
  • Minimize exposure to dust and stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Avoid damaging the nail any further.
  • Do not use nail-related cosmetics and do not cut nails too short.

Conclusion: –

There is nothing complicated about it, it is a common problem with common treatment. Just make sure to use certified antifungal cream for nails instead of any local brand. Additionally, avoid using old-fashioned remedies. A modern problem requires a modern solution. Stay healthy and keep on kicking!

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