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Home Inspection School

The Home Inspection Academy offers a variety of programs to help students become a home inspector. Training is offered online or in a classroom setting. Each program includes five practical home inspections. Students can take advantage of free marketing tools and support when starting a business. Students can also take advantage of discounts if they are a police officer, firefighter, or first responder. Veteran’s benefits and GI Bill money can also be used to pay for the training.

The online Home Inspection Academy provides comprehensive education at an affordable price. The program includes textbooks, online exercises, and additional resources. It also includes basic tools like an inspection mirror, ground-fault circuit interrupter tester, and paper inspection reports. Students can also choose to get live classroom training at one of more than 80 locations.

The course also covers legal issues, such as state and federal taxation, citizenship requirements, and privacy laws. The instructor uses power point presentations and multiple examples from real cases to teach students about these issues. The 12-hour course ends with an exam. Students will be certified after completing the program. This certification is necessary to operate a home inspection business. The Home Inspector Academy’s curriculum is designed to equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Aside from providing training in the field, students are also taught about business planning and how to establish a solid business. Students can take classes during the evening, while maintaining their day jobs. The program begins at the beginning of each month, which makes it easy for students to work while studying. They can even take classes at the weekend, which makes it possible to continue working their jobs.

The PLI program also provides hands-on experience through the use of actual home inspection models. These models include masonry, plumbing, and HVAC systems. In addition, the program also includes elective courses that students can take. These courses are considered “external” to the required courses and are highly useful in the field. If you’re looking for Home Inspection School, then get in touch with FIA Inspections now.

Students who wish to become home inspectors in New York must complete a minimum of 100 hours of classroom training. The AHIT course is the most effective way to complete this requirement. A licensed instructor leads the course using real-life examples. The course also contains self-paced bonus courses in commercial inspections, radon, pools, and thermal imaging.

Home inspectors may want to take courses through the InterNACHI association. These courses are offered at a very affordable price. Moreover, InterNACHI membership comes with many benefits, including access to a private Facebook group and a directory listing on a home inspector search engine. Aside from training programs, InterNACHI has a range of resources to help members grow their business.

The PHII program is one of the most affordable courses for home inspectors. It is also recognized by the state and offers students a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to course materials. The program also includes a certificate and inspection documents. All students also receive a free website and access to professional support from a certified instructor.

Home inspectors need to know the ins and outs of the electrical system. This is the most important aspect of the inspection, as it determines the safety risks and dangers in a property. They must also be knowledgeable in NEC regulations. It is crucial for reporting electrical problems as well as ensuring the safety of residents. They will also learn about the causes of electrical defects. This will help them avoid costly mistakes. The Home Inspection Academy will prepare their students with the skills needed to become a certified home inspector.

Depending on the level of expertise desired, the Home Inspection Academy courses can cost as little as $1,500 to $3,500. The course fee varies according to the state requirements and the number of courses required for certification. In addition to learning about the industry, the courses can also help you decide if the career is the right one for you.

The American Home Inspection Academy is one of the leading online schools for home inspector training. The courses are available online and allow students to work at their own pace. The AHIT is an approved course provider by the state and regulated bodies. The courses are available online or at an on-campus location. AHIT is a leader in the home inspection industry and has over 50,000 alumni.

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