Affordable Makeup Ideas for Brides While Traveling

‘Tis the wedding season, and if you are a bride, you are eagerly awaiting your D-day. If you love affordable skincare and want to look like a dream on your special day, we’ve got you! Brides need to shine, but they must also take care of their skin when travelling – not only for the best travel inspired fresh looks.

However, if you have planned a destination wedding and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket amongst other things, you can have makeup on the go! Prevent that dust and sweat from ruining your wedding-ready skin, let’s take a look at some affordable skincare and makeup ideas we’ve created for you.

1.    Give your skin that bridal glow.

Make sure to use the best matte foundation like Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation – Snow to bring the glow on your face. This foundation comes with ingredients that are effective in covering the fine lines , scars and acne, thus giving your face a  flawless look. Alternately, you could also choose one of the best pressed powders from Lotus, Lotus Make-Up Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Powder – Porcelain to give you the glow that you desire.

2.    You only need two things: lipstick and waterproof kajal.

     Don’t believe us? Try it out! If you want a natural makeup look, this one’s for you. Remember, you are the bride who will be on her feet all the time – from travelling for your destination wedding or talking to the vendors or even greeting the guests. A perfect matte lipstick Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color  and eye kajal Ecostay Longlasting Kajal will never fail you and a great one can do wonders! It can highlight and enhance your features like no other. They are your best friends when everything else falls apart. Perhaps you could also explore lotus eyelinerfor a more enhancing look.

3.    The no-makeup makeup look

The no-makeup makeup look is in! Many brides are opting for a minimal look. Something that’s not too cakey for the skin, but still looks as if it’s natural skin. If you want to be a minimal bride, but still want to look ravishing without too much makeup on. You can choose strobe cream; it gives you a glowing look without the need for too much makeup.  Strobe cream comes to your rescue Proedit Silk Touch Glow Strobe Cream is your best friend, and it’s affordable too!  

4.    Prepping your skin

A step to the best skin without irritation is priming. And if you have sensitive skin, you need the best primer to avoid any kind of skin irritation or outburst of acne with all attention and focus being on you on this special day. One of the best primer, Lotus Primer, Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer is easy to apply, preps your skin, removes fine lines and wrinkles and ensures that your makeup lasts long through the day.

5.    Something glossy

We all know that gloss gives you that oomph factor. It gives you a luscious pout; they have that plumping power if you want to highlight your best features. Lip plumper gloss  Proedit  Lip Plumper + Gloss  is available in a wide variety of different formulas, can be easily applied, and doesn’t dry out your lips for a long time. It is an instant makeup enhancer. And to go with that, you also have the highlighter blusher, Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo, add this to a makeover of your choice and give yourself an amazing look.

As a bride, you deserve the world on your special day where you could just do anything and enchant the world. And, whatever you decide, you need the best—quality that is also reasonably priced. It doesn’t matter if you go natural, minimal, or all-out, as long as it makes you happy and makes you feel like a bride. The products mentioned are what you would need as part of the makeup vanity for getting your exuberant, glamorous look. Shop the right products on Lotus makeup store or visit Lotus online shopping website now to steal the look.

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