10 Best Phone Tracker by Number in 2022

Phone Tracker by Number

Do you get calls from unknown callers? It’s common in this phone era. Some of them are genuine, while others call for other reasons. Phone numbers can help you know more about a person if you can use a phone tracker.

That’s the only way to separate the good folks from the phishers and scammers. We have ten recommendations you can use to track any phone number in 2022. They will all reveal the phone number details in similar and different ways.

We can guarantee that you will get information worthy of identifying unknown callers.

Top 10 Phone Number Trackers in 2022


This website has more identifying features that anyone would like to use. One is the phone number tracker, which reveals more information about unknown numbers.

Once you land on the NumLooker phone reverse page, you will only require the number. You don’t have to sign up or subscribe to anything. Since it’s web-based, reaching for the service is easy if you are connected to the internet.

The phone number will reveal a lot from NumLooker. That starts with the name attached to the number. The rest of the details will include the following:

  • The person’s aliases
  • Location information which includes neighborhood details
  • Background information from education to whether they have been arrested
  • The email address
  • Photos if available
  • Social media accounts attached to the number
  • Etc.

If the number has been around long, it’s easier to find more records. There are reasons why you should use a website like NumLooker. It gives you fast results since there is no need to create an account.

There are a lot of unlimited searches you can perform on the website. It also has many data sources that provide accurate information. Some filters update you on any changes to the information you get.

The best part is that the number owner will not know when you look up the details. NumLooker will not leave any digital footprints for anyone to follow up.

You can click this page to learn more about how the website works while tracking the phone number.


USPhoneLookup has a phone tracker page that will use the number only to get the rest of the details. You also don’t need an account here or any subscription. Once you enter the number, the platform will respond with what is available.


That will include the name, age, alternative phone numbers, and social media profiles. You will also learn about the background history and the address too. It takes less than a minute to get you such details.

You can track any phone number as long as it’s used on US soil. Once you have the details, you can use the name or age to get more information. You can also use them to verify what you got from the number tracking results.

What Is This Number

This is another platform that will tell you about that unknown caller. So, if you are wondering what this number is, the website can help with an explanation. You only require the number as usual.

It’s not difficult to navigate the site and input the digits since the user interface is one of the best. The results include the name and aliases, age, alternative phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

At times, you may get search results with more people. Since there is no city or state filter, you must cross-check the results.

Who Call Me

As the name suggests, this is another website to help you know Who Called Me. The phone tracking service uncovers all the associated details from various databases. You can use it to separate that old friend from a cold marketer.


The searches here are private because no one will know you tracked the number. There are no digital footprints left. You can also rely on the results since they are accurate most of the time.

The data you get after a phone number search will include everything from age to the current address. You can also use the website for a background search or an address lookup.


If you get to the USPhoneSearch website, the next thing you need is the phone number. Entering it will give you results that match the phone number. Personal details will show the name, alternative phone numbers, age, and height.


You can also learn about family members here. More will include the background history, current address, and social media profiles. With the latter, you can also see the individual’s photos and other interests.

The data comes from various public records, including voter registration details. So, you can use the website to track any phone number within the US boundaries.

Whose Number

Whose Number is another website that will tell you about that unknown caller. It uses an extensive database to get the records that match the number. You’ll get detailed information if the number has been in use for a long time.

It includes personal details such as name, age, aliases, height, and ethnicity. Background information also tells you where the person schooled and worked. The data will be there if they have been arrested and charged before.

You can also learn about the address and social media profiles. It’s simple to use, yet you can uncover more based on what’s available.


This is an entirely free-to-use website when you want to track that phone number. Like most reviewed ones, you don’t need anything other than the phone number. The database will uncover details such as the name, address, and background information.


Apart from being free, it’s also effortless since the input field is clear, and there is information to guide you. The only issue is that the information may not be much. You can also use the website for a people search or an address lookup.


TheNumberLookup will also track an unknown phone number and delivery details from public databases. People have used it to know who the caller is and whether their information is accurate.


You can know more about the personal details, background, family and friends, and address. This platform will also show if there is data about wealth declaration, arrests, and convictions.

All the number tracking activities are confidential. The platform does not notify the other party of a search, and there is also no way to follow up. You can use it if you want to track numbers but remain anonymous.


Another website that will track phone numbers for free is Number-Lookup. It’s also a matter of entering the phone number and checking the report. It gets the records from public databases as well.

The information related to the unknown number will include personal details, family, and friends. You will also view the current and past addresses, social media accounts, and background information.

There are no limitations to the search, and it’s entirely confidential.


The last one on the list is an app many have used to identify unknown callers before picking up that phone. You can also search for unknown phone numbers on the website. You, however, need an account to do that, and there is more information if you have a gold subscription.

Truecaller may not show you much. It will, however, tell you the name, location, and other information filled in on the unknown caller’s profile. You can rely on this application if you want a few details before or after the call.


You can use any of the ten recommendations in the review to track phone numbers in 2022. They are not hard to use, as you have seen. Once you have the number you want to identify, the rest is just input and waiting for the results.

You can start with NumLooker to see what you will get from the unknown phone number. Anyway, next time you see a new number, don’t panic. There are sources of more information for you.

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